Water Cooled Chiller/Heat Pump

Famous brand high-quality and high-efficiency compressor

Shell-and-tube evaporator matched with high-efficiency heat exchange tubes

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Water-cooled chillers are heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning systems that use solar energy resources stored in the earth as cold and heat sources for energy conversion. It takes advantage of the relatively stable temperature of groundwater.

In winter: when the unit is in heating mode, it absorbs heat from water, concentrates the heat through an electrically driven compressor and heat exchanger, and releases it indoors at a higher temperature.

Summer: When the Water Cooled Chiller Unit is in refrigeration mode, the cold energy is extracted from the water, concentrated by the operation of the unit, sent into the room, and the indoor heat is discharged into the water at the same time, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

Excellent options, the main accessories of water-cooled chillers are imported from international famous brands to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the units.

1.Famous brand high-quality and high-efficiency compressor

The original imported parts have very small balancing force, which causes very low vibration and noise. Balanced operation under partial load with high efficiency.

2.Shell-and-tube evaporator matched with high-efficiency heat exchange tubes

A.adopt the most advanced DAE high-efficiency evaporation heat transfer tube, with multi-head spiral thin ribs and spiral protrusions on the inner surface of the tube

Therefore, the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer capacity are greatly improved.

B.The internal structure of the evaporator is optimized and equipped with a high-efficiency liquid homogenizer, which solves the problem of refrigerant distribution in the system

Uniformity problem.

C.adopt unique heat exchanger refrigeration process design technology, and reasonably match the system to ensure the refrigeration process and water side

The balance relationship of cooling capacity, give full play to the high efficiency of heat exchanger; At the same time, reasonable system matching makes the unit more energy-saving.

Finned tube corrugated pipe

3.Shell-and-tube water-cooled condenser matched with high-efficiency heat exchange tubes

Adopting the most advanced DAC high-efficiency condensation heat transfer tube, multi-head spiral thin ribs and spiral protrusions on the outer surface of the tube,

Thereby greatly improving the heat exchange coefficient and heat exchange capacity. The following figures show three legends: smooth tube, ground finned tube and high-efficiency heat exchange tube

4.Match famous brand refrigeration system accessories

All the refrigeration system accessories used in the unit are products of famous brand manufacturers, such as detachable drying filter and external balance heat power

Expansion valve, high precision electronic expansion valve, liquid mirror, high and low pressure controller, exhaust temperature switch, etc. all adopt the world’s first

Flow of famous brand manufacturers’ products, to ensure that the unit has a high level of performance.

The optimal design of internal structure greatly improves the anti-corrosion and anti-fouling ability of condenser and gives full play to the heat transfer of condenser

Effect, so as to ensure that the unit reaches a higher performance level.

5.Match the advanced and highly reliable intelligent control system and control technology

A.the multi-machine control system not only has the automatic configuration and function of single machine, but also displays the operation condition of multi-machine, according to

The backwater temperature computer automatically judges whether the air conditioning system is part of the unit operation or all the units operation.

B.Equipped with RS485/RS232 communication interface, it is convenient for users to realize centralized monitoring and remote monitoring of units.

C.The water-cooled chiller unit has the function of controlling the balanced operation of multiple compressors to ensure the efficient operation of the unit.


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