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There are two types: DC frequency conversion and fixed frequency

DC frequency conversion unit: Application range of ambient temperature refrigeration: -15~45℃

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Cooling Capacity


Application range of ambient temperature refrigeration


Ambient temperature refrigeration application range


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High-efficiency scroll DC inverter compressor

Adopting internationally renowned brand high-efficiency scroll DC inverter compressors, through a new asymmetric scroll profile design, reducing ineffective overheating; non-contact oil film sealing, reducing friction; applying advanced DC inverter technology to achieve 8% of a single module ~100% capacity control, truly stepless speed regulation, precise matching of load changes, more reliable and energy-saving operation.

DC Intelligent Variable Frequency Controller

Fully intelligent digital signal processing chip, full DC frequency conversion and ultra-wideband design; preset compressor parameters to obtain the best performance; frequency command accuracy of 1Hz to improve application comfort; built-in multiple protection functions to ensure site reliability and safety.

High-efficiency DC inverter fan

Adopting high-efficiency DC variable frequency fan motor and aerodynamic optimization design, the motor operating efficiency is greatly improved, the motor can be adjusted according to the system pressure/temperature change, and the infinitely variable speed adjustment is realized. The system has lower operating noise and higher operating accuracy.

Air side heat exchanger with independent air duct for dual refrigerant system

The unit adopts an independent double “U”-shaped coil structure and independent air duct design to optimize the distribution of the wind field and effectively reduce the power consumption of some load fans;

Standard configuration of hydrophilic aluminum foil fins, strong anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability, winter defrosting and drainage are smoother, and heat exchange performance is improved.

Water side heat exchanger

The use of shell and tube heat exchangers, multi-process design of internally threaded heat exchange tubes on the refrigerant side, optimized water side layout, spiral baffle arrangement, effectively reduced water pressure drop, improved heat exchange efficiency, and higher operating energy efficiency throughout the year. The shell and tube heat exchanger is easy to maintain and has a low failure rate.

Throttle parts

The world-renowned brand electronic expansion valve has stable flow adjustment, two-way flow, fast response, automatic adjustment of flow and superheat, less restricted factors, low failure rate, accurate unit control, and high operational reliability.

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