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Dimensional parameters of ultra thin fan coil
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The number of cabinets for ultra thin fan coil

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Fan Coil Radiator Parameters

Fan coil radiator size parameter table

Question 1. How to ensure product quality?

Support factory inspection. You can find a regular quality inspection agent in China and check the quality in the factory. I’ll bear the cost.

Question 2. Ducted fan coil unit warranty for several years?

Advanced Type 5 years; Standard Type 3 years.

Question 3. Choose me, what are my product advantages?

I am a professional manufacturer of fan coil radiator manufacturer in China.
Has its own laboratory and R&D team. Everyone is an experienced and professional technician.
We can customize the fan coil unit that is more suitable for each customer according to his needs.
And I am a manufacturer, different from the distributor, I can give you the ex-factory price of the products.
My ducted fan coil unit is sold at a low price only because I am exploring the global market.

Question 4.  Worried about not delivering/delaying delivery?

Can only pay me 10%-30% in advance, and then give me all the expenses when all the fan coil radiator is produced and delivered.

I have long-term stable partners all over the world

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Construction Case

Copper tube thickness and diameter of chilled water fan coil unit surface cooler

Pure copper tube has higher heat exchange efficiency, long service life, and high compressive strength.

The water-collecting head is made of red copper material, and the overall thickness of the parts is increased.

Compared with other chilled water fan coil unit manufacturer, the weight of the water collecting head is about 100 grams, and the service life of the water collecting head is longer.

As a trusted HVAC maker, over 30 Years of manufacturing experience. YESNCER provides professional custom HAVC equipment!

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