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ultra thin floor standing central exposed wall mounted fan coil unit

Individual zone control , compact design, remote control options


Air Flow 380-670 m3/h
Voltage 220v
Noise 32-41db
Cooling Capacity 2.4kw-4kw
Heating Capacity 4.4kw-6kw

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A wall-mounted fan coil unit (FCU) is a type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system component that is typically installed on the wall of a room or a building. The primary function of a wall-mounted FCU is to regulate the temperature of the space it serves by either heating or cooling the air

Working  Principle

The primary function is to provide both heating and cooling to the space. In heating mode, the fan coil units uses a heating coil to warm the air, while in cooling mode, it uses a cooling coil to lower the temperature.

Product Details

Shell: The shell is UV resistance HIPS material, which will not change color as time goes.

Coil: Hydrophilic AL fins, golden coating, oil-free AND pure cooper tube with internal groove, increaing the contact area. All above designs are for higher heat exchange rate.

Motor: Plastic sealed DC brushless motor, 3 speed, low noise and enfergy saving

Fan: ABS+AS+GF material, solid andstable running and low noise with longer service time.

Control system: The PCB used famous and high qaulity diode, relay, capacitor, buzzer to ensure the unit running stable and long life span. The control box is flame resistant ABS.

Technical Data

Technical parameters of household high wall-mounted fan coil unit
product name High wall-mounted fan coil unit
model YXLP
force 18w
Air flow 380-670 M3/hour
cooling capacity 2.4kw-4kw
Heating capacity 4.4kw-6kw
voltage 220v
frequency 50HZ
noise 32-41dB
weight 9.8kg
Applicable area 20-30square meter
motor 3-speed motor
copper 28
Copper diameter 7 mm
Coil size C型675mm
waterway Five in and five out.
measure 850*265*210mm
aluminium foil 0.105mm, gild
Fin spacing 1.5mm
Shell material HIPS panel, flame retardant ABS for electronic control part
turbine ABS+AS+GF
control panel LCD



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