Fresh Air Exchanger Fan Coil Unit

Fresh the air continously and clean it.

Professional muffler cotton is attached inside the case to reduce noise and silently convey fresh air.

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Fresh Air Exchanger Fan Coil Unit and WAO:

On June 28, 2005, WAO and allergy agencies of various countries jointly launched a global initiative against allergic diseases, and designated July 8 as World Allergic Disease Day. The aim is to prevent allergic reactions and allergic asthma by enhancing people’s awareness of allergic diseases.

The epidemiological survey of allergic diseases in 30 countries by the World Allergy Organization shows that 22% of the total population in these countries suffer from allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, eczema, food allergy and drug allergy. About 40 to 50 million people in the United States have allergic problems, of which 39.5 million have seasonal allergic rhinitis. According to the estimation of the World Health Organization, there are 150 million asthma patients in the world, and the trend is increasing year by year, among which 50% of adults and at least 80% of children are caused by allergic factors such as pollen. Without treatment, 25%-38% of seasonal allergic inflammation will develop into asthma and eventually become perennial asthma, emphysema and pulmonary heart disease. The World Health Organization also estimated that more than 180,000 people died of asthma every year, and about 250,000 people died of asthma in 2005.

The global expenses related to allergic rhinitis, including drugs, consultation and work vacation, cost more than 20 billion US dollars every year. The global expenditure on anti-allergic drugs alone is estimated to exceed $8 billion.

If the home has just been renovated, the fresh air system is very necessary! After decorating the new house, the emission period of harmful substances such as formaldehyde will not end in one year or two, even if environmental protection materials are used, it is inevitable.

In the face of smog and dusty weather and newly renovated houses, fresh air ventilator can reduce the impact of particles and dust on daily life.

Working principle


Fresh air ventilator is an air conditioning equipment that provides fresh air, which is mainly composed of air inlet, motor, fan, filter, humidifier, air valve, air outlet and other components. Its main function is to send outdoor fresh air into the room through the fan, and replace the original dirty air when entering the indoor space, so as to keep the indoor air fresh and clean. Fresh air ventilator is divided into three types: bidirectional flow, purification system and total heat exchange system.

Two-way flow Air Exchanger Fan Coil Unit is a kind of “forced air exhaust, forced air supply” system, which is composed of a group of forced air supply systems and a group of forced air exhaust systems. Its working principle is to rely on the suction generated by the main engine to form indoor negative pressure, and send dirty air to the outdoor through the air supply pipe. In order to balance the indoor negative pressure, relatively fresh air outside the room enters the room from the pre-installed air inlet to achieve the purpose of ventilation.

The total heat exchange fresh air ventilator is an upgrade of the two-way flow fresh Air Exchanger Fan Coil Unit. The total heat recovery system is added to the main engine. The air entering and leaving the main engine passes through the heat exchanger installed in the main engine, and the energy exchange of preheating and precooling is carried out, which can retain 70% of the energy of indoor air. It is very energy-saving when used in conjunction with air conditioners, and will not affect the indoor temperature even if the temperature difference is large.

Product Details:




AC motor: it adopts international pure copper motor with overheat protection. The high-speed rotation of the motor continuously provides strong power, which is stable, silent and energy-saving.







Heat exchange core:Adopt polymer nano heat exchange material +ABS engineering plastic frame+galvanized outer frame. It is designed in two sections, saving installation space and facilitating later maintenance. Additional filter protection, high air permeability, good air tightness, tear resistance and aging resistance. Moisture removal and mildew prevention. The heat exchange rate reaches 70%.




Internal structure diagram of fresh air ventilator:


Product Features and Advantages of fan coil unit

  • Low noise:Professional muffler cotton is attached inside the case to reduce noise and silently convey fresh air
  • Clean air:Fresh the air continously and clean it.

Technical Data

Size drawing:

Ceiling Mounted Fresh Air Exchanger
Model NO. Air flow






Power Input (W) Pipe size




XHBQ-15D 150 80 220 100 100 800*660*260
XHBQ-30D 300 80 220 150 125 800*660*260
XHBQ-50D 500 100 220 200 150 900*750*280
XHBQ-80D 800 150 220 280 150 950*800*350
XHBQ-100D 1000 200 220 300 200 950*800*350
XHBQ-150D 1500 230 220 400 200 1250*950*410
XHBQ-200D 2000 250 380 1100 250 1250*950*410
XHBQ-250D 2500 250 380 1500 300*250 1250*1000*450
XHBQ-300D 3000 260 380 1600 350*300 1400*1200*500
XHBQ-400D 4000 300 380 2200 350*300 1450*1200*580
XHBQ-500D 5000 300 380 3000 400*300 1700*1200*580
XHBQ-600D 6000 350 380 3600 450*400 1800*1600*700
XHBQ-800D 8000 400 380 4400 600*400 2000*1800*850
XHBQ-1000D 10000 450 380 6000 600*500 2100*1900*880
XHBQ-1200D 12000 500 380 8000 600*500 2200*2000*900


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