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Bulk Shipping

Bulk goods are transported by sea at a low cost usually.

Quick Shipping

If hurry, we can also send it to you by air at an extra cost.

Quality Control

CE, ISO, CCC, TUV, 3rd-party QC to guarantee the quality.

Free Design Solution

We can provide free design solution according to your CAD.

OEM Avaliable

We support any form of OEM customization requirements

Global Support

Contact us 24x7 to solve all your after-sales problems.

Info about HVAC

What My Clients Say

Beautiful and elegant ultra-thin fan coil design, exquisite packaging, good service attitude.

Help me make the construction drawings of the fan coil unit, and solve the problems in time during the construction process.

Our Happy Clients

Compared to many suppliers, your products are of good quality and the price is within our budget.We have repurchased many times and gotten free spare parts.

The packaging is robust, and none of the machines have been damaged when buying 11 cabinets, which is very good!

Our Happy Clients

Customized Solution


The workshop has high requirements for ambient temperature, so we will match air-conditioning equipment according to specific requirements.


We can customize the central air conditioning system for office buildings, shopping malls, schools,amusement parks and hospitals according to CAD drawings.


We can provide central air-conditioning system equipment for every residential quarter as long as you provide CAD drawings of the residence.


We design the equipment matching solution of central air conditioning system according to the specific requirements of each customer.

3-Day Fast Delivery

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Why can we do 3 days of proofing?

Because I have 10+ production workshops, more than 15+ years of work experience, and more than 100 R&D experts, you can completely trust my product development and production capabilities.


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