What’s the difference between a fresh air exchanger and a fan coil unit?


Why do so many people choose fresh air ventilators and a fan coil unit?

Similar to fan coil unit,a fresh air exchanger is designed and developed according to the principle that a “fresh air flow field” will be formed in a closed room when air is supplied on one side and induced on the other. It is a new type of environmental protection electrical appliance that keeps indoor air clean and fresh at all times.

The working principle is the same as that of a fan coil unit in a fresh air ventilator: it relies on mechanical air supply and ventilation.


Forced to form a fresh air flow field in the system, such as this independent indoor air replacement and purification circulation system, can effectively remove indoor polluted air, and at the same time, input natural fresh air into the room, and first filter, sterilize, heat, oxygenate and other purified air treatments to the fresh air input into the room.

fresh air ventilator
fresh air ventilator

Baoding Yuexin recently developed new fresh air processor products, which have these advantages compared with the old ones:

1、Smaller size, saving installation space.

The overall size of the fresh air exchanger is reduced by about 20% due to its small size, which saves the installation position.

2、Long working hours, more stable performance.

the overall size is reduced, the size of the air inlet and outlet pipe and the ventilation and filtration system in the internal space is increased, the heat exchange efficiency is stronger, and the performance is more stable.

3、The air volume is larger, and the indoor air is more circulated.

Under the long-term continuous operation condition, the fresh air volume can be kept at 100m3/h-100,000m3/h, fully meeting the needs of different users.

4、It’s more convenient to maintain and clean.

You only need to clean the filter regularly and upgrade the energy recovery module. No professional cleaning is required. Open the cleaning board, take out the dust box and clean it up. Is it very simple?

Demonstration of fresh air system house use
Demonstration of fresh air system house use

What’s the difference between a fresh air ventilator and a fan coil unit?


Like fan coils, it can install air outlets in every room, and deliver fresh air to every corner of the house to ensure fresh air in the whole room.


Fresh air ventilators can’t regulate indoor temperature like fan coil units, which are two different systems. If you want a system to solve the problem of fresh air exchangers and indoor temperature regulation, you can choose the combined air conditioning unit.

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