Ultra thin Exposed Fan Coil Unit

Only 180mm ultra thin fan coil unit

Low noise give you good sleeping

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This is our new developed ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit, only about 18cm thickness, but at the same time ensured the good performance of the cooling and heating. What’s more, the kind of ultra-thin fan coil unit have the low noise, which is suitable for home use.

Horizontal concealed fan coil units are widely used in air-conditioning occasions of industrial and civil buildings with multiple rooms or large spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and office buildings, to meet the needs of cooling, dehumidification and heating. This type of fan coil unit can also be applied to the heating of agricultural greenhouses in winter and the cooling and heating of animal husbandry.

As the overall performance of advanced fan coil units is enhanced, it is suitable for high standard people and some quality-oriented customers. It can also be used in some harsh environments, and the enhanced performance makes the durability of the machine better than that of standard machines. Such as in the bathroom. The waterproof function of high-end motor is better than that of standard fan coil units, and its service life is greatly increased.

Working principle

The function of Ultra thin Exposed Fan Coil Unit is to send indoor air or outdoor mixed air into the room after cooling or heating through the coil, so as to reduce or increase the indoor temperature, so as to meet the comfort requirements of people.The cold (hot) water in the coil is supplied by the heat pump or chiller.

Product Details

Product Features and Advantages of  Exposed Fan Coil Unit(fcu)



Low noise three speed fan motor and ABS fan





High-density hydrophilic aluminum fins with large window







Reverse the waterway, low in and high out, five in and five out large gram header





One time molding, not easy to deform. High-gloss surface and 7mm thermal insulation outside





Motor panel Longitudinal reinforcement process at sheet metal bend, Motor board reinforcement rib technology, the motor mounting hole is surrounded by reinforcement ribs.



Technical Data

Model FP-34 FP-51 FP-68 FP-85 FP-102 FP-136
Cooling capacity(kw)(CHW 7℃) 1.9 2.7 3.6 4.5 5.4 7.2
Heating capacity(kw)(HW 60℃) 2.7 4.05 5.4 6.75 8.1 10.8
Air flow(m³/h) 340 510 680 850 1020 1360
Power input(w) 31 47 55 70 83 110
Noise dba 37 39 41 43 45 47
Motor NO. 1
Fan NO. 1 2 2 2 3
Weight(kg) 14.7 15.1 17.2 17.9 20.6 22.5
Packing length(mm) 770 920 1020 1070 1270 1420
Packing height(mm) 590
Packing width(mm) 240
Condenser length(mm) 400 550 650 700 900 1050
Condenser hight(mm) 210
Condenser thichkness(mm) 45












Model FP-34 FP-51 FP-68 FP-85 FP-102 FP-136
A Total length 752 902 1002 1052 1252 1402
B Length of air outlet 400 550 650 700 900 1050
C Distance between liffting holes 430 580 680 730 930 1080


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