Cabinet Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit

Cabinet Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit

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With the continuous increase of population, material level and living standard of residents, the central air conditioner Floor Standing fan coil unit gradually changed from “luxury goods” to daily necessities when it entered people’s life. People’s demand for this product of central air conditioning Floor Standing fan coil unit, as well as the demand for functional quality and appearance, has gradually increased.

Old consumers pay attention to the quality and function of machines, while young consumers pay attention to the appearance and effect of machines. The emergence of high-end cabinets just meets the consumption concept of these two groups.

This cabinet floor standing fan coil unit is a vertical cabinet fan coil unit, which belongs to the open-air unit series. Elegant appearance, high-end atmosphere, large air volume and low noise make it more suitable for larger places, such as living rooms, banquet halls and entertainment places. Floor cabinet fan coils can be modified according to the needs and environment, and can be well matched with buildings.

The vertical cabinet fan coil unit is a branch of the open-mounted fan coil unit of central air conditioning, which is also installed outside the decorated ceiling. The installation of cabinet machine eliminates the process of punching and hanging, and it is more convenient to install. Cabinet fan coil units have the advantages of high power, strong wind power and high efficiency. The starting point of price is relatively higher, but the price-performance ratio is much higher.

Central air conditioning and fan coil Unit

Working principle

Air conditioner side view

Fan section: the motor drives the fan to rotate, absorbing indoor mixed air and sending it to the cooling/heating section through the air duct and send indoors.

Product Details




Upper panel: high weatherability injection panel, not easy to change color. Built-in bidirectional automatic wind sweeping and large screen touch display.









Lower panel: high weatherability injection panel, not easy to change color. Air inlet-on the left, right and bottom








Top plate: high weather-resistant injection molded shell of this fan coil, embedded with high-density foam, adhered with sponge layer, double-layer insulation








Bottom plate: high weather-resistant injection molded shell, standing on the ground, will not rust when damp.







Condenser:Ten-in and ten-out waterways, two rows, 56 copper pipes, high-density hydrophilic aluminum foil









Drain tray: ABS injection molding is integrated, and rubber and plastic insulation is adhered outside.








Foam air duct: made of foam material to eliminate noise.








The centrifugal fan with large blades instantly releases surging air volume, The motor is four-speed motor, with thick lining and shock absorption.


Technical Data

Technical parameters of cabinet floor standing fan coil unit for home
Voltage Power Frequency Air flow Noise Cooling capacity Heating capacity Size of  condenser Temperature of chilled water supply Temperature of hot water supply
220V 60W 50Hz 1700m3/h 48db 9000W 13500W 705*385*45 mm 7 deg C 60 deg C


Three views of air conditioner

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