180mm Water Fancoil Slim Exposed Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit

Space-Saving Design,flexible Installation, energy efficiency


power 31W,40w,55w,70w
Noise 40dB
Air flow 350m³/h-2050 m³/h
Cooling capacity 2.2kw-11kw
Heating capacity 3.3kw-16.4kw

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The Slim Exposed Fan Coil Unit is an innovative and space-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system designed for discreet and effective climate control in various environments. This unit is characterized by its slender and sleek profile, making it an ideal choice for installations where space is limited or aesthetics play a crucial role.

Working Principle

The primary function of a slim exposed fan coil unit is to provide both heating and cooling to the indoor space it serves. It accomplishes this by circulating either hot water or chilled water through a coil and using a fan to blow air over the coil, thus transferring the thermal energy to the air.

Product Details

Increased the heat exchange area: 38.5mm thickness coil and 42 copper tube , distribulted are duct, Increased coil utilization rate.


Motor we adopted is the DC motor with low noise *Add silencer foam insulation to the air duct inside the unit to reduce the air flow noise.


The concentric positioning of the motor holder can ensure that the motor, fan and tail positioning cushion are in the same straight line, when the motor is running. So that it running stablely with low noise.

Two drain pans in the units,then the units can be installed vertical or horizontal

Technical Data

Product name Ultra-thin exposed Fan Coil Unit(FCU) 
Product type 2-pipe
Product models FP-85/136
Application It is generally used for home, replaced the traditional radiator.
Product function It can be used for heating or cooling
Power supply  190-250V 50/60Hz
Product components Condenser Fin 0.105mm thickness aluminum fins,distance between fins is 1.2mm
Cooper tube 0.26mm thickness,7mm diameter,42 copper tubes in 3 rows
Drain pan Material Steel sheet with 6mm insulation
Panel 0.8mm Hot zinc sheet metal with white spray
Motor Low noise five speed DC fan motor
Label Labels: model label, wiring diagram, precautions, fan rotation logo, etc.
Fan ABS material cross flow fan with low noise
Production technology Tube Mechanical expansion, automatic welding
Drain pan One-time molding
Body Panel Fully automatic molding in one molding, with longitudinal reinforcement at the bend,and with high gloss spray surface treatment
Motor panel Hydraulic abrasive ribs+longitudinal reinforcement at the bend
Inspection standards 1. No scratches or rust on the surface of the machine
2. The internal cooler of the machine has no leakage under the pressure of 1.6Mpa (hold pressure for at least 5min)
3. The unit starts under the condition of 90% of the rated voltage and runs stably for 10 minutes
4.Under normal temperature and humidity conditions, use 500V insulation resistance meter to measure the insulation resistance between the live part and non-metal live part of the unit is not less than 2MΩ



All figures in mm
Model FP-85 FP-136
A total length 950 1220
B air outlet length 550 820
C air inlet length 760 1030
D space between lifting holes 611 881

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