What to do if the air volume of the fan coil unit is small?

horizontal fan coil unit

There are always customers who report that the wind from the fan coil unit outlet of central air conditioning is very small and the wind is not very cool. Why?The fan coil unit has small air outlet and is not cool, which are generally the reasons:

1. The outlet of fan coil is blocked

2. The return air filter screen of fan coil unit is dirty, blocking the wind path, and needs to be cleaned

3. The surface cooler of the fan coil is blocked, and the cold air cannot pass through, resulting in a decrease in air cooling

4. The fan coil motor coil or motor is damaged, resulting in insufficient motor speed

5. The diffuser used in the outlet of fan coil is not suitable, and should be replaced by an adjustable aluminum-plastic outlet with adjustable outlet direction

6. When the motor is newly installed or replaced, it will sometimes be installed upside down, resulting in no wind. The fan coil motor is marked, and the motor has the correct rotation direction

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