What are the characteristics of ultra-thin (130mm) wall-mounted fan coil units to bring you a comfortable indoor environment?

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In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the comfort of room heating are getting higher and higher. However, with the rising prices of electricity, coal, oil and other resources, and the shortage of cold energy-saving resources, the traditional room heating methods can not meet the requirements of efficient and comfortable room heating, so new room heating technologies and equipment were born, which attracted great attention and eventually became the new direction of building heating.
At present, according to heat conduction, room heating is mainly divided into three ways: natural convection, radiation and forced convection. At present, the commonly used radiator belongs to self-heating convection heating.
Wall-mounted fan coil units is a newly developed new heating product with forced convection heat transfer. It is the latest high-quality radiator at present, which can replace the traditional radiator and has high heat dissipation efficiency. It can be used in combination with heat pump and has the functions of heating and cooling at the same time. The lowest running noise is only 25dB(A), and the fuselage adopts ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 130 mm.

  1. Working principle:
cassette fan coil unit

2.Operation instructions

    Winter: After the Moonlight Box is connected with the urban heating pipe network or the boiler hot water pipe, the indoor air is forced to convect with the high-efficiency heat exchanger when passing through the unit, thus rapidly increasing the indoor temperature.
    Summer: Through the heat pump host, the room can be quickly cooled or dehumidified.
    In excessive seasons, users can turn on the functions of dehumidification, ventilation, filtration and dust removal as needed to keep the indoor temperature and humidity appropriate.
    3. Internal structure:
    A high-efficiency heat exchanger
    B electrothermal three-way valve
    C stepless speed regulating motor
    D cross-flow fan
    E intelligent controller.
    Tomorrow we will continue to introduce the unique features and installation methods of Moonlight Box. Welcome to click on the next article!

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