What are the advantages of DC brushless fan coil unit?

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DC brushless fan coil unit

With the development of modern office buildings, high-grade hotels and other buildings, the central air-conditioning system has been widely used. As the end of the central air-conditioning system, the fan coil unit is the part that can produce “close contact” with users.

By continuously recirculating indoor air, the fan coil cools/heats the air after passing through the cold/hot water coil to keep the room temperature constant and create a suitable environment for people living indoors. Therefore, the reliability, easy regulation, mute and power saving of fan coil units have an important impact on the use, comfort and energy saving of central air conditioning system.

YESNCER DC brushless fan coil unit adopts the latest DC brushless motor stepless speed change technology, proportional integral operation temperature control technology, low vibration, low noise and high efficiency fan technology, and small diameter and high efficiency heat exchanger technology, which is not only environmentally friendly, safe and reliable; Because of its outstanding performance in energy saving, mute and comfort, it has been favored by the high-end market since its release.  

1 Comfort
The adjustment precision of fan speed can reach 1 1RPM, and the indoor temperature can be accurately controlled within 0.5 C.

2 Energy saving
The efficiency of the motor is over 70%, and the power consumption is extremely low when running to ultra-low speed

3 Mute
What kind of experience is the noise as low as 20 decibels
Under the automatic wind speed mode, it can run to ultra-low speed, and the noise is as low as 20dB, which is basically equivalent to the sound of people breathing in a calm state.

4 Reliable
The working pressure is 1.8MPa, and the protection level is IP42, and dust with 1mm is difficult to enter.

5 Convenient maintenance and installation
Only one side of the motor needs to be disassembled and assembled for maintenance and installation

Compared with many brands of fan coil units in the market, YESNCER fan coil units have obvious advantages in reliability, energy saving and mute, which are widely used in high-end hotels, office buildings, hospitals, villas and other industries, and become the first choice of fan coil units in the high-end market.

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