Three ultra-thin exposed fan coil units can be used in the renovated room, tell you what is the difference?


Exposed fan coil units are mainly suitable for government projects, public projects, and renovation of HVAC projects in old buildings.

Simple and quick installation of HVAC products without destroying the original architectural pattern.

The diversification of the installation environment of the exposed fan coil unit determines the diversity of the exposed fan coil unit. This fan coil unit is divided into horizontal exposed units and vertical exposed units according to the different installation methods.

floor-standing water air conditioners
floor-standing water air conditioners
Universal Exposed Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit
Guqin floor-standing fan coil unit

The common thickness of the exposed fan coil, central air-conditioning system terminal is 240mm–260mm, which has poor aesthetics and takes up a lot of space.

The thickness and appearance of the exposed fan coil unit to be introduced in this article are much better than other products in the market.

Yuexin, real Chinese fan coil manufacturer, currently exports three types of exposed fan coil units to the world.

Guqin exposed fan coil units, ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit, and universal exposed fan coil unit.

At present, our company’s exporting hot-selling exposed fan coil unit mainly include Guqin exposed fan coil unit and ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit.

The ultra-thin fan coil unit
Guqin floor-mounted fan coil unit front

Guqin exposed fan coil unit are available in 7 models and specifications:

FP-51 FP-68 FP-85 FP-102 FP-136 FP-170 FP-204

Guqin Model Exposed Fan Coil Cooling Capacity: 2.0 KW-10.9 KW

Guqin model exposed fan coil unit have a wide range of cooling capacity and are suitable for a wide range of occasions.

The thickness of this fan coil unit from Yuexin is much thinner than most similar models in the market, and its thickness is only 18cm.

Guqin surface mounted fixed wind speed, high, medium, and low speed can be adjusted.

The Guqin ultra-thin fan-coil is not only exquisite in appearance but also has superior product performance and can be installed in various environments.

It can be wall-mounted, vertical floor standing, and horizontal ceiling-suspended. No matter which of the above installation methods is used, it is simple and convenient.

Installation and use effect diagram of the ultra-thin fan coil unit

4-pipe floor standing fan coil unit are available in 2 specifications and models:

YG-20 YG-30

The cooling capacity range of ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit: 3.75KW-5.5KW. The thickness of the ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit is 13cm. Occupy the installation area is smaller.

These two fan coil products are suitable for use in the initial construction.

For buildings before decoration, the use of horizontal concealed fan coil units can be considered.

This kind of concealed fan coil unit saves more space than the exposed fan coil unit. Only the air outlet is exposed.

The horizontal concealed ultra-thin fan coil units
Four blower box fan coil unit

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