The ultra-thin fan coil units you buy in bulk from China, who are the users in your country?


Ultra-thin fan coil units are more suitable for high-end places, such as villas, multi-story buildings, and other places with high aesthetic requirements.

Ultra-low mute, ultra-thin body design, small occupation, simple and quick installation, is an ideal terminal.

1, 5-level wind speed, the motor speed can be adjusted at will.

2. DCBL motor, noise as low as 25dB, ultra-quiet at night, creating a high-quality sleep environment.

3. Wifi Control/Smart Touch control, realize intelligent life.

4. A sterilization device and UVC germicidal lamp can be installed. While cooling or heating, can effectively improve indoor air quality, kill harmful bacteria, and filter dust in the air.

Installation and use effect diagram of ultra-thin fan coil unit
Installation and use effect diagram of the ultra-thin fan coil unit

Yuexin, a Chinese exposed fan coil units manufacturer, suggests that you can purchase these two exposed fan coil units at the same time to meet the installation needs of more users.

1. Ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit with brushless DC motor has many advantages:

(1) The structural advantages of the brushless DC motor are destined to have lower noise;

(2) The DC brushless motor has more than 1 time longer life than the AC motor, and the running power consumption is very, very low.

(3) It is a static motor with a small no-load current

(4) Small size, lightweight, and high power

(5) The control system is simpler than that of the asynchronous motor, and the gear wind speed can be adjusted remotely.

Ultra-thin fan coil unit
The ultra-thin fan coil units

2. Different grades of wind speed

(1) The speed of the 130mm ultra-thin fan coil unit is 200-2200rpm, and the five-level wind speed is adjusted before the product leaves the factory.

(2) The factory setting of 130 silent fan coil units is 5 gears, and the speed of each gear is 600rpm, 750rpm, 900rpm, 1050rpm, and 1200rpm.

(3) The motor speed of this product is 200-2200rpm, you can adjust the speed according to your own needs. The highest level is adjusted to 2200rpm, the lowest speed is adjusted to 200rpm, and the intermediate speed does not need to be adjusted, which can achieve automatic and even distribution.

Ultra-thin fan coil air outlet
Ultra-thin fan-coil

3. The ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit does not affect the indoor decoration structure.

It can be directly installed by hanging rods, vertical installation, and wall-mounted installation. The three installation methods can be exchanged according to the site conditions.

The installation is simple and the construction period is short.

Floor-type ultra-thin fan coil unit
The floor-type ultra-thin fan coil unit

4. Intelligent LED digital display controller, microcomputer control technology. Using the forced action of wind and the thermal conductivity of pure copper pipes, it can heat up the indoor environment more efficiently and quickly, saving the heating energy used.

Ultra-low mute, ultra-thin body design, small occupation, simple and quick installation, is an ideal terminal.

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