Exposed Ceiling Suspended and Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit

3 Years warranty.

It can Cooling and heating.

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Air Flow





12Pa, 30Pa,50Pa

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New houses, old houses, hardcover houses, south and north can be installed, and there is a kind of warmth called “open air conditioner-exposed fan coil unit”.exposed fan coil unit, as its name implies, is the added refrigeration and heating function without destroying the original decoration.This exposed fan coil unit can be ceiling suspended and floor standing, also with the features of low noise design, concealed water connection and access for clean the filter and maintain the internal of the unit. It is widely popular to many clients.

Working principle

The function of standing fan coil unit is to send indoor air or outdoor mixed air into the room after cooling or heating through the coil, so as to reduce or increase the indoor temperature, so as to meet the comfort requirements of people.The cold (hot) water in the coil is supplied by the heat pump or chiller.

Product Details




Low noise three speed fan motor








Air outlet in ABS material and pasted the thermal insulation







  • in case of condensation when cooling. Also it is automatic swing;
  • Air inlet can be opened for one thing, it is easy to clean the filter net;
  • and the other thing, it is convenient to maintain the internal fan or motor etc







Reverse the waterway, low in and high out, five in and five out large gram header







High-density hydrophilic aluminum fins with large window








ABS fan not rust and low noise, encrypted blade





Product Features and Advantages of fan coil unit

  • It is convenient to maintain and easily disassemble and wash the filter screen to ensure that the indoor air is always in a fresh and clean health state.
  • Reliable safety protection function. When users or maintenance personnel disassemble the return air grille, the wind turbine will stop running immediately to prevent personal injury.

Technical Data

Product name Floor standing & Ceiling Suspended Exposed fan coil unit
Product type 2-pipe
Product models FP-34/51/68/85/102/136/170/204/238
Application It is widely used for hotel,restaurant,hospital,shopping mall,factory and office building etc. And some other villa.
Product function It can be used for cooling, heating, dehumidification
Voltage  220V Frequency 50Hz    
Product components Condenser Fin 0.105mm thickness aluminum fins, distance between fins is 2mm
Cooper tube Two rows, 0.3mm thickness, 9.52 diameter, 20 tubes in total
Drain pan Panel 0.8 mm thickness, high-gloss spray for strong resistance to corrosion
insulation Thickness 7mm
Shell ABS mterial ,not fade+0.8mm Hot zinc sheet metal
Motor Low noise 3 speed fan motor, long life span
Fan ABS material Centrifugal, forward-curved blades
Filter Pleated filter,higher filtration rate
Control Wireless remote control 
Production technology Tube Mechanical expansion, automatic welding
Drain pan One-time molding, high-gloss coating on the surface, thermal insulation on the exterior
Body Panel High quality solid ABS, one time molding
Motor panel Hydraulic abrasive ribs+longitudinal reinforcement at the bend
Inspection standards 1. No scratches or rust on the surface of the machine
2. The internal cooler of the machine has no leakage under the pressure of 1.6Mpa (hold pressure for at least 5min)
3. The unit starts under the condition of 90% of the rated voltage and runs stably for 10 minutes
4.Under normal temperature and humidity conditions, use 500V insulation resistance meter to measure the insulation resistance between the live part and non-metal live part of the unit is not less than 2MΩ

Detail type Parameter(FP-51D-FP-85D)

Model FP-51D FP-68D FP-85D
Cooling capacity(kw) 2.7 3.6 4.5
Heating capacity(kw) 4.05 5.4 6.75
Power input(w) 50 58 72
Current(A) 0.225 0.258 0.32
Power supply 220-240v/1ph/50-60Hz
Motor NO. 1
Air flow(m³/h) 510 680 850
Noise dba 39 41 43
Control way Wired or remote control
Water flow(m³/h) 0.52 0.62 0.82
Water pressure drop(kPa) 14 16 18
Water conection ZG 3/4, Male thread
Drain pipe 26
Weight (kg) 31 32 33
Size (mm) 917*671*240

Detail type Parameter(FP-102D&FP-136D)

Model FP-102D FP-136D
Cooling capacity(kw) 5.4 7.2
Heating capacity(kw) 8.1 10.8
Power input(w) 110 126
Current(A) 0.49 0.561
Power supply 220-240v/1ph/50-60Hz
Motor NO. 1
Air flow(m³/h) 1020 1360
Noise dba 45 46
Control way Wired or remote control
Water flow(m³/h) 0.98 1.22
Water pressure drop(kPa) 22 25
Water conection ZG 3/4, Male thread
Drain pipe 26
Weight (kg) 41 42
Size (mm) 1303*671*240


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