HVAC design and heat load calculation of TV studio of Winter Olympics

The TV studio of the Winter Olympics is the place where the right-holders use the light harmonic progression to create space art, and it is also the routine base for broadcasters to produce TV programs of the Winter Olympics.

The main broadcaster generally sets up a studio facility in the ice stadium group and the snow stadium group. Each studio facility contains 10 standard studio rooms, which can be set as one floor or two floors. A comprehensive broadcasting area, also called equipment floor, is set under the studio room, and a standing broadcasting position is set on the roof of the studio. In addition to recording sound, the studio also needs to record images and invite guests to interview. The host and other personnel recorded TV programs for domestic audiences. Therefore, in addition to the necessary recording and editing equipment, it must have sufficient sound and light equipment and facilitate the creation of high-quality winter Olympic programs.

 HVAC design

The design ambient temperature of the TV studio of the Winter Olympics is between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius, and each standard studio covers an area of at least 91 square meters. Among them, 70 square meters are used as studio working rooms, with a width of at least 7 meters and a depth of 10 meters. In addition, each studio should be provided with a 15 square meter Green Room and entrance corridor. The design ambient temperature of the TV studio of the Winter Olympics is between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius, and each standard studio covers an area of at least 91 square meters. Among them, 70 square meters are used as studio working rooms, with a width of at least 7 meters and a depth of 10 meters. In addition, each studio should be equipped with a 15 square meter Green Room and entrance corridor

Heat Load Calculation

The heat load calculation of HVAC should take into account the heat loss of the structure around the building itself, the number of indoor personnel, the fresh air delivery, and the heat generated by lighting and power equipment used by licensed broadcasters. At the beginning of the design, the right-holding broadcasters from all over the world could not provide accurate usage plans and reservations, so studio designers can design HVAC according to the general standards of 15 people and 15 kW. Some rights-holding broadcasters will book two studios and tear down the middle partition to form a double studios. HVAC in each studio can be controlled independently. When one studio needs cold air, another studio can continue to deliver hot air. Designers use split VRV inverter system or equivalent central air-conditioning system to meet the requirements of separately controlling the wind speed and temperature of each studio. It is important to note that the indoor unit capacity of HVAC should be calculated based on the indoor temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and the total dominant heat load. It is necessary to confirm the working temperature of outdoor compressor of HVAC with equipment supplier in advance, so that it can continue to work in extremely cold weather at night.

These seemingly taken for granted situations have happened accidents in previous Winter Olympics, and the outdoor unit of HVAC in the studio could not work due to the occasional extremely cold weather at night.

Fire control strategy and fire detection system

As a winter Olympic facility, the TV studio needs to be equipped with a completely addressable smoke detection system and a central fire detection panel, as well as a 6 kg portable powder fire extinguisher and a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. The location of portable fire extinguishers and the coordination and management of fire detection systems shall meet the requirements of local fire protection codes.

Water supply and drainage and sanitation facilities

There are 10 standard studio rooms in a TV studio complex of the Winter Olympics. Taking the studio of Zhangjiakou Mountain Broadcasting Center as an example, it is estimated that an average of 100-120 people will work in the studio. During the Winter Olympics, the studio will be managed by OBS. In order to manage the whole facilities, when delivering the studio to OBS, the Organizing Committee should provide appropriate personnel channels and comprehensive broadcasting area, so that the rights-holding broadcasters can deploy the equipment in the comprehensive broadcasting area. No matter whether a temporary building or a permanent building is used as a studio, it is necessary to set up at least eight standard toilet units, with four men and four women. Water supply points for hot and cold water are reserved on the same floor of toilet. Regarding the drainage system, it is mainly considered that it is easy to block and freeze in winter. In case of such a situation, other alternatives should be put forward in advance.

Design of electromechanical layer in studio

Take the most commonly used three-story studio as an example, which is located at the bottom of the ground for placing electromechanical equipment. Ensure that the electromechanical equipment is placed on the bottom floor and cannot be connected with the main building to avoid the impact of vibration, and reserve a personnel channel to facilitate the broadcasting staff and guests to enter the second floor.

  • The main switchboard of civil power supply provided from the power supply of the nearest power comprehensive area;
  • Main switchboard of technical power supply;
  • Main switchboard of HVAC power supply;
  • HVAC outdoor compressor equipment;
  • Standard toilet unit equipped with drainage system;
  • Equipment that may be used by any licensed broadcaster.

There are two main considerations for placing the equipment layer at the lowest layer:

First, it is easy to hide these devices and try not to destroy the Olympic landscape;

Second, it is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair and maintain.

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