Ducted horizontal concealed water based fcu Fan Coil Unit

concealed installation, low noise ,  uniform air supply


power 76W
Noise 43dB
Air flow 850m³/h
Cooling capacity 4.5kw
Heating capacity 6.75kw

Additional information

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Horizontal concealed fan coil unit is an important equipment in central air conditioning system. It has the advantages of concealed installation, elegant appearance and low noise, so it is widely used in modern buildings.


Working Principle

High efficiency refrigeration: Horizontal concealed fan coil unit adopts high efficiency heat exchanger with copper tube and aluminum fins, which has good heat transfer performance and can quickly take away the heat in the room to achieve high efficiency refrigeration effect.
Energy saving and environmental protection: Horizontal concealed fan coil unit adopts low energy consumption and low noise motor, which runs stably and can automatically adjust air volume according to indoor temperature, effectively reducing energy consumption and meeting environmental protection requirements.


Product Details


Fan coil unit heat exchanger adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube, high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fin and advanced tube expanding process to make the copper tube and aluminum foil reach the best contact.

Large air volume, high efficiency, low noise and large diameter centrifugal fan are adopted to enable the unit to exert the most ideal heat transfer efficiency.


Famous brand motor is adopted. Fully enclosed rolling bearing. The base is insulated from vibration by rubber shock pads to reduce running noise.

The water-collecting head is forged with brass, which makes the water flow evenly distributed and reduces the pressure loss, further improving the overall heat transfer effect of the fan coil unit.


Technical Data


Unit dimensions of high static pressure fan coil unit
Model FP272 FP300 FP350 FP400
A Total length 1115mm 1115mm 1615mm 1615mm
B Unit length 1050mm 1050mm 1550mm 1550mm
C Air outlet length 780mm 780mm 1280mm 1280mm
D Distance of lifting holes 1085mm 1085mm 1585mm 1585mm
E Air inlet length 850mm 850mm 1350mm 1350mm





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