YESNCER chiller Product Configuration

YESNCER chiller Product Configuration

Scroll Compressor:

Industry-leading Copeland/Danfoss compressor.
High-pressure resistance, strength, and sealing performance, enhancing unit capacity.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger:

High-efficiency design for effective cooling and heating operations.
Larger water-side channels reduce resistance, prevent blockages, and enhance anti-freeze capability.
High Precision Electronic Expansion Valve:

chiller 480-level electronic expansion valve for dynamic matching of the refrigerant system.
Accurate adjustment according to system requirements, ensuring higher reliability.

High Efficiency Fin Heat Exchanger:

360° omnidirectional annular fins for better heat exchange.
Improved wind speed distribution reduces frost in winter, minimizing temperature attenuation.

High Performance Fan Motor:

Large-diameter fan blades and optimized design for reduced noise and increased efficiency.

Air Source Heat Pump Parameters:
(Detailed technical specifications, performance data, and efficiency metrics.)

Technical Support:

Continuous technical assistance for installation, operation, and maintenance.
Quality Inspection:

Complies with the country’s authoritative testing agency standards.
Certifications: CRAA, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE, TUV.


Waterproof and moisture-proof polyurethane wrapping, plywood box for express or air transport.
1.5cm thick honeycomb cartons with corner guards for certain transportation methods.
Larger goods of chiller are packaged in wooden boxes or pallets for consolidation.
Warranty & Delivery:

Warehouse area of 4,000 square meters with a minimum long-term inventory of 20,000 units.
Efficient “receive orders on the same day, ship on the same day” policy.
Various shipping methods: sea, air, rail, and express, with proximity to key transportation hubs.
After Sales Service:

Delivery: Timely updates on shipping and tracking.
Sign for Receipt: Inspection upon receipt, compensation for damaged products.

Installation: Technical guidance, drawings, video support, or on-site engineering assistance.
Usage: Free training on operation, daily maintenance, and precautions.
Warranty: 3-5 year warranty, with free repairs during the warranty period, and post-warranty maintenance services available for a fee.


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