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Special air source heat pumps for breeding heating have received great attention recently.

In the green development and environmental protection work of the livestock breeding industry, clean heating is an important way to help the livestock breeding industry reduce coal and replace coal. To reduce the pollution of the surrounding ecological environment, conserve and utilize clean energy, and ensure the health of livestock products, YESNCER has launched a dedicated air source for breeding heating heat pump unit that provides a solution for the livestock breeding industry.

Combining the practical application experience of air source heat pump units for more than ten years, and citing the advanced low-temperature heating technology, high-temperature hot water technology in the refrigeration industry, and the characteristics of the growth cycles of different livestock species, an energy-saving and environmentally friendly air source heat pump unit dedicated to breeding heating has been developed.

The special air source heat pump unit for breeding heating has a significant heating capacity, wide operating range, and stable and reliable operation, providing a comfortable and suitable growing environment for livestock and solving the heating problem of winter livestock breeding in cold northern areas.

This unit can be used with fan coil units, floor heating, and other terminals to provide hot water and always ensure the stable operation of the heating system under different ambient temperatures, making the winter no longer cold! The special air source heat pump unit for breeding heating is easy to install and can be placed directly on the roof, podium platform, or level ground. There is no need to build a separate machine room or boiler room. The system is safe and environmentally friendly. The heat during heating is directly taken from the outdoor air, which can Save energy.

The special air source heat pump unit for breeding heating has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, quietness and low noise, easy operation, safe operation, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It is used in the heating and constant temperature control of the breeding industry to ensure the optimal breeding temperature of aquaculture products and is favored by farmers and unanimously praised.

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