What is a fan coil unit? What is its function?


The manufacturer introduce the fan coil unit for you.

Fan coil unit is the abbreviation of fan coil units system, which is one of the terminal devices of the air conditioning system.
The fan coil is the end product of central air conditioning.
Its main function: is to radiate the cold and heat brought by the operation of the main engine into the room, and to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

Simply put, a fan coil unit is a green energy machine that converts cold or hot water into cold or hot air!!
A fan coil unit is an air outlet with more functions!!!!

cassette fan coil unit
cassette fan coil units

This unusual air outlet:

1、Floor-standing fan coil unit can help you control the volume of indoor hot and cold air, and when you get home, unload your fatigue and feel the comfortable temperature brought by the natural wind;

2、It can help you make the indoor air fresher, but you can breathe fresh and clean air like a deep forest at home;

3、It can automatically adjust the indoor temperature instead of your feelings. When you come home after a hard day’s work, it can warm up your room in advance, bid farewell to the cold, and wait for your return like a family. A warm home is warmer.

Horizontal concealed fan coil unit
Horizontal concealed fan coil unit

As a professional manufacturer of fan coil units in China, I would like to talk about the working principle of fan coil units in the simplest, easy-to-understand way.

Coldwater or hot water flows through the coiled pipe of the surface cooler.

Driven by the motor, the wind wheel actively rotates to discharge the cold heat brought by the cold water/hot water in the copper pipe, so that the air is cooled, dehumidified, or heated.

So as to adjust the indoor air temperature or humidity.

The above is the working principle of the fan coil units as the end product of central air conditioning. Do you really understand?

It does not matter. Contact us, we will help you understand this product more deeply and make the right decision.

As the terminal equipment of central air-conditioning, the fan-coil units has a diversified appearance, which meets the pursuit of beauty and fashion of different groups of modern people. In addition, its structure has many changes.
Mainly consists of a motor, a condenser, and a water tray.
Main components of fan coil: motor, surface cooler, and water tray.
Motor: Below the wind from the air inlet to the surface cooler, and then the wind comes out from the air outlet to be cold and hot air.

Ultra-thin fan-coil-unit surface cooler: circulate the cold and hot water above the central air conditioner in the surface cooler. The surface cooler conducts the cold and hot airflow into the room through the air through copper pipes and fins, so as to achieve the purpose of heating or cooling.

Water tray: when hot and cold water pass through copper pipes, some of the energy consumed in the phase change process comes into contact with air to form condensed water.

The function of the water tray is to hold the water evaporated from the surface cooler, and then flow away through the drain pipe. Prevent condensate dripping from affecting the indoor working environment.

Horizontal concealed fan coil unit
Horizontal concealed fan coil unit

To measure the quality of the silent fan coil unit, the quality of the above components plays a decisive role. For motor, the quality of surface cooler (copper tube and fin) has a great relationship.
I’ll stop here today, and then I’ll tell you what factors determine whether the fan coil units is worth your money.

We are a real Chinese fan coil manufacturer.

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