What are the consequences of leakage of condensed water from fan coil units? How to avoid it?

condensed water from fan coil units

As the end product of central air conditioning, fan coil units are widely used. As we all know, fan coil units will produce condensed water when cooling in summer, so what are the hazards of condensed water? What methods can we use to avoid these phenomena?

First, the fan coil unit is horizontally concealed, and it often flows down from the ceiling in summer.
Simple analysis of the reasons: the condensate pipes of fan coil units are discharged intensively, and as a result, the upper space on the ceiling can not meet the requirements of the gradient of the condensate pipes, resulting in no slope or even falling slope, which makes the water in the drip tray unable to be discharged and overflows to the ceiling after being full.
Usually, the following solutions can be adopted: in order to reduce the damage to the ceiling and rework costs, the drain pipe of the condensate tray is connected to the floor drain of the bathroom.

Second, the ceiling is often soaked with water. In severe cases, the mineral wool ceiling is soaked and even collapsed.
Cause analysis: the insulation of cold water pipes is not good, and the insulation materials are not closely attached to the pipes. As a result, there are small holes or imprecisions in the insulation of pipes. When air enters into the pipes, condensation dew is generated, and the more water is accumulated, it may not come out at any position, wetting the ceiling. Seriously soak the ceiling of mineral wool board, even make the ceiling collapse, and unnecessarily consume more cold energy, resulting in waste of energy.
Solution: In addition to the construction, the selection of thermal insulation materials should be emphasized in design. At present, the effect of sticking polyurethane foam plastic (self-extinguishing) tile on pipeline is good, or directly foaming with polyester.

Three, horizontal concealed fan coil units, condensed water overflowed to the ceiling of the room, soaked the ceiling, damaged the decoration, and forced to turn off hundreds of fan coil units, which greatly reduced the load of air conditioning and prevented the refrigerator from running normally.
Cause analysis:
1) The insulation of cold water pipes, valves and new air ducts are all foam plastics, and the gaps related to the pipe wall are not well wrapped, resulting in a large amount of condensed water flowing along the cold water pipes, which makes the insulation layer ineffective.
2) The slope of the condensate pipe is too small, even without slope, which causes the condensate in the water collecting tray to overflow and damage the ceiling decoration.
3) A lot of fan coils have been stopped, and the cold water temperature is getting lower and lower, reaching 2~3℃, and the refrigeration system is one ring at each floor, which is too small. Often forced to stop because of the small load.
1. Re-insulate cold water pipes, valves and new air pipes, and switch to foamed polyurethane to eliminate condensed water in pipes.
2. Adjust the slope and aspect of the condensate pipe, so that the water in the water collecting tray can be drained smoothly.
3. The four refrigeration loops are combined into two loops, which solves the problem of unbalanced load.

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