How to prevent the HAVC system from freezing in winter?


Part of the country, hot and humid summer, is coming to an end. The temperature drops suddenly, the autumn wind strikes, and the cold winter is coming.

Will your HAVC water system freeze in winter?

Do you know what risks your HAVC system will have once it freezes?


HAVC circulating water will freeze in the pipeline at a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius.
Circulating water freezes, the volume increases, and the pipe with a limited diameter will be exploded from the expanding ice.

Water collecting head leaks and rusts.webp
Water collecting head leaks and rusts.web

Especially for the copper pipe of the fan coil units surface cooler, the thickness of the copper pipe is 0.9mm, which can achieve the best heat dissipation/cooling effect.

The copper tube is in a bent state in the surface cooler, and the circulating water at the bent position is difficult to drain clean, so the copper tube of the fan coil units surface cooler is more likely to be damaged and cracked in cold weather.

Water collecting head leaks and rusts

If the water system is not used for heating in winter, adequate anti-freezing measures are needed.

  1. Drain the circulating water in the whole system, and if necessary, use a vacuum compressor to drain the water in the system;
  2. Many customers use antifreeze to prevent the circulating water from freezing;
  3. The whole system can run at low temperatures. Ensure that the whole system can supply power without freezing and run at a low temperature of not less than 5 degrees Celsius.
Condensation occurs when the fan is condensed

Comparison of three methods:

1、The circulating water of the whole system is exhausted, so professionals need to use special equipment for operation. Otherwise, it is easy to leave circulating water at the elbow of the whole system, which will cause local freezing, and the pipeline with expanded volume will burst with ice, which will lead to damage.

Even if the pipeline is not burst, it is easy to melt slowly at the frozen place before use in early spring, resulting in a decrease in the use effect of the whole system.

Then a complicated process is needed to remove the frozen area;


2、Most antifreeze contains acidic substances or alcohol. If the purchased antifreeze does not meet the standard, the whole system will be easily corroded.

Copper or iron pipes will be corroded, and tiny holes will appear. The holes cannot be repaired, and the whole system equipment will be scrapped;


Running the system at low temperatures is a very recommended method.

The whole system runs at low temperatures in winter, and it is the most reliable treatment method from two aspects: electricity cost and safety.


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