How to Clean Central Air Conditioning Fan Coil

fan coil unit

Fan coil unit is the terminal product of central air conditioning, which is mainly composed of low-noise motor, fins and heat exchange coil. A fan coil unit continuously circulates indoor air so that the air is cooled or heated through the coil to maintain the required temperature and relative humidity of the room. After the air is processed by the fan coil unit, it is sent to each room through special fresh air ducts to meet the hygienic requirements of the air-conditioned area.

Central Air Conditioning Fan Coil

Improve physical comfort
Fan coil units can create an indoor air environment that is suitable for human body comfort. By adjusting the air temperature and flow speed, fan coil units provide fresh and clean air at a suitable temperature, improving the comfort of central air conditioning.

Deodorize and dehumidify
When the central air conditioner is used, the doors and windows are closed, and a large amount of carbon dioxide is emitted by human breathing. The toxic and harmful gases produced by indoor furniture and domestic garbage will affect human health. Fan coil units can eliminate harmful indoor gases through exhaust air, and can also remove the heat and humidity concentrated in the operation of indoor air conditioners.
Fan coil units are usually installed directly in air-conditioned rooms, and their working status and quality will affect indoor noise levels and air quality. Therefore, routine maintenance of the fan coil must be done to ensure that the fan coil functions normally.

Central air conditioning fan coil cleaning steps:

  1. Cut off the power, remove the fan motor and wind wheel of the coil, clean the wind wheel blades, and be careful to avoid water entering the motor;
  2. Use a water gun to spray water to clean the fins inside the fan coil, and use special cleaning air conditioning agents;
  3. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water;
  4. After drying, reinstall the fan motor and impeller.
    The central air conditioning fan coil affects the comfort of using the air conditioner and our health, so the cleaning of the fan coil cannot be ignored. The cleaning steps described above are practical and simple, but it is best for users to ask professional air conditioner cleaning personnel to operate them to avoid damage to the central air conditioner caused by improper operation.

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