11 maintenance methods for ultra-thin fan coil units, Chinese manufacturer’s information


11 precautions for the use and maintenance of ultra-thin fan coil units to help your customers solve more use problems!!

Chinese Ultra-thin Floor Vertical Fan Coil manufacturers, remind you that it is normal for some abnormalities to appear after a period of use of ultra-thin fan coil units.

ultra-thin fan coil units
ultra-thin fan coil units

Ultra-thin fan coil units with guaranteed quality can continue to be used with simple maintenance.
Inferior ultra-thin fan-coil are easily damaged during maintenance.

Please remind your customers to be cautious when dealing with abnormal fan coil units.


I provide you with 11 ways to solve the abnormal phenomenon. If these methods still do not help your customer to solve the problem, then I think you can help your customer, contact us fan coil unit manufacturer, we are the real fan coil unit manufacturer, and I can tell you how to better deal with the use of fan coil units.

  1. Please tell your customers that after purchasing the 4-pipe Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit, the gear adjustment switch of the unit will cause the least damage to the motor.
    When starting the machine, you should first let the machine start, and then adjust other gears. Do not adjust the gears immediately after starting the machine, so as to avoid damage to the motor.
  2. Don’t worry if it is difficult to start when your customer’s silent-fan-coil-unit is in use.
    Solution: Please check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the fan wheel is in contact with the volute, and check whether the inside of the fan wheel is inhaled. Check for problems.
  3. What should be paid attention to when using the ultra-thin fan coil units in different seasons?
    The temperature of the cold water supply in summer shall not be lower than 7 ℃, and the temperature of the hot water supply in winter shall not be higher than 80 ℃.
surface mounted fan coil unit in
surface mounted fan coil unit in
  1. The water quality of the fan coil unit has a great influence on the machine, you should do it!
    The water source used by the fan coil unit must be softened considering the water quality of each place. When necessary, our company recommends that you add a softening processor to the entire water circulation system.
  2. When the ultra-thin fan coil units are in use, do you know that there is water pressure inside the machine? Do you know what the pressure is as a dealer?
    During the use of the fan coil unit, the operating pressure should not be greater than 1.6MPa, the normal operating pressure of the fan coil unit is within 10KG, and the closed system is 1.5KG-2KG. The open system of water circulation system has a pressure value of 10M.
  3. The ultra-thin fan coil unit’s inlet pipe filter needs to be cleaned regularly, and the use effect is better. Do your customers know?
    All models of fan coil unit products need to be cleaned regularly to prevent impurities from blocking the pipeline and affecting the use effect. Before cleaning, the pipeline valve must be closed.
Exposed Fan Coil Units in China
Exposed Fan Coil Units in China
  1. If the air inlet of the fan coil unit is not cleaned in time, the air used by your customers will be more polluted!
    The air inlet of the fan coil unit you purchased needs to be cleaned regularly. If the dust in your area is serious, be sure to clean up the dust in time, otherwise, the blowing dust will enter the room and cause indoor air pollution.
  2. Do you know that the ultra-thin exposed fan coil units are used in a humid environment for a long time and have a short circuit, which will burn the machine?
    The operating environment of the fan coil unit should avoid moisture, and the humid environment will cause a short circuit in the circuit board inside the fan coil unit.
    If the fan coil unit is stored in a humid environment for a long time, it will also cause the metal parts of the fan coil unit to rust. Although our fan coil units are all treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment. But avoiding such an environment can at least prolong the life of your customer’s fan coil unit!
Exposed Fan Coil Units
  1. If the ambient temperature of your customer’s fan coil manufacturer is too low, it will cause fatal damage to the fan coil unit! ! Please make it clear to your customers!
    If the ambient temperature of the fan coil unit you are using is low, please empty the residual water in the fan coil unit before use, otherwise, the copper tube of the surface cooler inside the machine will freeze and crack.
  2. Tell your customer that he should do this when the fan coil he purchased is out of service for a long time! !!
    When the machine is out of use for a long time, please cut off the power supply to prevent lightning strikes.
  3. Safety issues! To perform the above operations, be sure to cut off the power first!
    The floor fan coil units manufacturer recommends that when the above items are operated, please cut off the power supply to ensure personal safety.
Ultra-thin fan coil unit
floor-standing fan coil unit

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