Packaged Units

Direct expansion combined purification air conditioning unit

Focus: Frequency conversion and energy saving 40% from China

Only we can do it in China

  1、Frequency Conversion Motor

  2、Frequency Conversion Fan 

  3、Frequency Conversion Compressor

  4、an achieve frequency conversion and energy Saving,

  5、Realize the freedom of electricity charge

  6、The unique C5 nano-scale anticorrosive coating can be used in desert /seaside/ chemical plant/severe environments.

Experimental data test shows that our use of frequency conversion technology reduces energy consumption by 40%.

Our factory can provide all the functional requirements you want

Roofing machine manufacturer in China, customized manufacturer of patented products.

  ‧ No water system

  ‧ No secondary heat exchange

  ‧ No need for large machine room and control

  ‧ Rooftop Packaged Unit is an integrated machine composed of chiller and air handling units, which is free of assembly and installation and can save 50% of manual installation cost.

  ‧ It can continuous operation, increasing energy efficiency, maximizing space savings, and improving ease of installation.

Only our company has all these patented technologies in China

1、Hot gas bypass defrosting technology

Strengthen the defrosting efficiency by 20%, save energy and prolong the service life of the compressor. 

2、Subcooling heat exchange technology

Cooling/heating operation is more stable, heat exchange efficiency is increased by 40%, and energy is saved.

3、C5 nano-scale anticorrosive coating technology is more widely used

The unique C5 nano-scale anticorrosive coating can be used in desert /seaside/ chemical plant/severe environments.

4、Patented exhaust energy recovery technology

Patented exhaust energy recovery technology can easily realize rapid cooling in summer, rapid heating in winter and reduce energy consumption.

rooftop air conditioning unit
mini-VRF/mini vrf system
Rooftop packaged units(C5 nano anticorrosive coating)
Direct expansion combined purification air conditioning unit

Special reminder: Do you know that the rooftop packaged air conditioner you bought can be rented?

This product can help you control these indoor factors:

  ‧ Temperature

  ‧ Humidity

  ‧ Cleanliness

  ‧ Flow Rate

  ‧ Freshness

  ‧ Indoor and outdoor pressure difference (five degrees plus pressure difference)

  ‧ C5 nano anticorrosive coating can be used in  desert /seaside/ chemical plant/severe environment

Come, let me show you our production workshop.

Welding technology of special shape copper tube
Artificial reinforcement of special frame
Customized product production line
Numerical control workshop
C5 nano-scale anticorrosive coating surface cooler installation site (used by desert /seaside/ chemical plant/severe environment)
Manual inspection link

Get the export price and market quotation form of the China roof machine.

During the Spring Festival, our company’s discount activities

The price discount is the biggest of the year

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Come on, this is our product quality testing equipment. Only a few factories in China have it.

National comprehensive enthalpy difference performance laboratory
On-line testing device for air-cooled (hot) water unit
-30 degree ultra-low temperature enthalpy difference laboratory
Enthalpy difference experimental control room

Product packaging forms and packaging materials

Packing in wooden cases with thickened plates
Multiple moisture-proof and anti-corrosion measures

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