190mm concealed ultra-thin fan coil unit

silent operation ,  Easy installation ,  make indoor temperature more comfortable ,  reliable and durable


power 48W-148W
Noise 16dB(A)-51dB(A)
Air flow 530m³/h-1750m³/h
Cooling capacity 2.95kw-9/0kw
Heating capacity 4.4kw-13.5kw

Additional information

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As space becomes more and more precious and fan coils are used more and more widely in the home market, In some rooms, due to the ceiling space limitations, the demand for ultra-thin fan coils is increasing. The height of this fan coil is only 19cm.It is 45-100mm thinner than the normal fan coil unit.

Horizontal concealed fan coil unit is an efficient and energy-saving air conditioning terminal equipment, which is widely used in air conditioning in commercial, office, residential and other places. This product is made of high-quality materials, which has the characteristics of compact structure, low noise, large air volume, good heating and cooling effect, etc. It can provide comfortable environment and improve the quality of life and work efficiency.



1. High efficiency and energy saving: Horizontal concealed ultra-thin fan coil unit adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, which can realize      high efficiency heat exchange, reduce energy consumption and save energy cost for users.
2. Silent operation: This product adopts low-noise motor and carefully designed air duct, which runs smoothly and has low noise, and will not           affect indoor environment and work and life.
3. Comfortable adjustment: Horizontal concealed fan coil unit has various air supply modes, which can meet the needs of different places and     people and provide comfortable ambient temperature and air distribution.


Product Details


Standard:AC motor be with long life span about 100,000 hours Advanced:Yongan brand DC motor also together with PCB with 0-10v control .


  ————- fan

ABS fan rust proof and solid as well as low noise.

——————– Panel

1. Al-Zn-Si hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, 0.8mm thickness

2.With rib reinforcement tenology which can strengthen the steel sheet and absorb the shock.

—————wiring box

Advanced: Equiped with famous brand and high quality accessories on PCB, also with the 0-10v thermostat.

Drain pipe ———-Reserved for drain pump drainage .

EVA insultion ——–There the EVA insulation outside and inside the panel on the coil section.

———-Lifting lug

———-Drain pan

High density polyurathane drain pan for draining out condensate water. Also one plastic on coating for anti-rust and anti- crossion


1. High-drauphilic aluminum foil , 0.105mm thichness and fin spacing is 1.3mm

2. Puopper tube, 7mm diameter and 0.28mm thickness,30 tubes in 3 rows.

3. Advanced mechinical expansion technology All above are to ensure the high heat exchange rate.


Technical data

Ultra-Thin Fan Coil Unit Data Sheet
Product name Slim concealed fan coil unit
Product models FP-51/68/85/102/136/170
Application It is widely used for hotel,restaurant,hospital,shopping mall,factory and office building etc. And some other villa.
Product function It can be used for cooling, heating, dehumidification
Product components Coil Fin 0.105mm thickness aluminum fins, distance between fins is 1.3mm
Cooper tube Three rows, 0.28mm thickness, 7mm diameter, 30 tubes in total, FP-136,24tubes
Drain Drain pan High density polyurathane material with plastic coating
Drain pump Available(Biult-in for advanced, external for standard)
Alertor Available( only for advanced)
Shell Panel 0.8mm Al-Zn-Si hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Insulation EVA insulation pasted outside and inside the panel, B1 rating
Motor Standard Low noise 3 speed fan motor , DC motor available
Advanced DC motor with 0-10v thermostat
Label Labels: model label, wiring diagram, precautions, fan rotation, logo, etc.
Fan ABS material Centrifugal, forward-curved blades
Control Standard LCD thermostat available
Advanced Equiped with 0-10v thermostat
Production technology Tube Mechanical expansion, automatic welding
Body Panel Fully automatic molding in one molding, with longitudinal reinforcement at the bend
Motor panel Hydraulic abrasive ribs+longitudinal reinforcement at the bend
Inspection standards 1. No scratches or rust on the surface of the machine
2. The internal cooler of the machine has no leakage under the pressure of 1.6Mpa (hold pressure for at least 5min)
3. The unit starts under the condition of 90% of the rated voltage and runs stably for 10 minutes
4. Under normal temperature and humidity conditions, use 500V insulation resistance meter to measure the insulation resistance between the live part and non-metal live part of the unit is not less than 2MΩ







All figurs in MM
Model A Total length B Body length C air outlet length D lifting eye distance F & G Air intake length
FP-51 763 675 500 720 600
FP-68 913 825 650 870 750
FP-85 1023 935 760 980 860
FP-102 1163 1075 900 1120 1000
FP-136 1593 1505 1330 1550 1430
FP-170 1593 1505 1330 1550 1430

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