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Fan coil auxiliary material package

  • Fan coil installation is essential
  • Accessories can be matched arbitrarily
  • Accessories can be purchased separately

Additional information

Product Name:

Fan coil auxiliary material package


Easy Installation


For fan coil unit



Product Video

Applicable places:        Hotels, clothing stores, building materials stores, machinery repair shops, manufacturing plants, food and beverage factories, farms, restaurants, use, industry, food stores, food stores, food stores

Weight:                             3KG

Place of Origin:              Hebei, China

Application:                    For fan coil unit

Warranty period:         1 year

Product name:               Fan coil accessories package

Included products:       Ball valve filter, ball valve, valve boom, drain pipe connection, electric two-way connection

Boom:                                4 pieces size

Boom:                                8*200mm

Connection connection:                  2 pieces

Soft connection weight:                  211g

Electric two-way valve size:          DN20

Features:            Easy to install

Brand:                 Yesncer or OEM



Inside the filter ball valve

electric 2 way valve


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