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Screw type air cooled cold (hot) water chiller unit

Cooling capacity: 320kw~1996kw

Adopt dry/falling film evaporator

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Adopt dry/falling film


R134a R22

Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity


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Product introduction

The screw-type air-cooled hot and cold water unit adopts a modular design. The reference modules are divided into 2 categories and 6 types, which can be combined into 22 models at most, forming a group of 320kW~1996kW. This unit adopts dry, falling film evaporator, and provides two types of refrigerants (R134a and R22) for selection.

Generally installed on the roof or outdoors, no special air-conditioning room is required. There are no cooling towers, cooling water pumps, cooling water piping systems, etc. The system is simple and easy to use. It is commonly used in different types of buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, factories, etc., to provide continuous and comfortable protection for people’s work and life.


  • Falling film evaporator to improve heat exchange effect
  • Cyclone oil separator, designed for efficient separation
  • Powerful compressor, the heart of system operation
  • Stainless steel economizer, performance guarantee under severe working conditions
  • Patented finned heat exchanger designed for low-temperature heating operation
  • Zero pipeline resistance, unimpeded performance
  • Precisely braked electronic expansion valve, open source, throttling and high efficiency
  • Low noise axial flow fan, energy saving and high efficiency away from the hustle and bustle
  • Building Control System

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