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Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

Cooling Capacity: 12 to 392 KW

Heating Capacity: 13.2 to 414 KW

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Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity


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Product description

The rooftop air conditioning unit is a central air conditioning product that integrates cold (heat) source and air treatment. It consists of a compression condensing section and an air treatment section. The compressed condensing section is generally installed outdoors or on the roof, and its cooling method is usually air-cooled (or water-cooled). The air treatment section can be installed outdoors or on the roof together with the compressed condensing section, or installed indoors. The air treatment section combines air supply, cooling, heating, dehumidification, humidification, noise reduction, air purification, electrical control, etc. into a box, and the air sent out is the required setting. Rooftop air conditioning units use the heat exchanger in the refrigeration system to directly exchange heat and moisture with the air. There is no heat loss caused by the secondary exchange of the traditional central air-conditioning air-water system, so that the Energy consumption is lower. The company has mature technology, perfect technology and advanced testing equipment in the manufacturing of rooftop air-conditioning units, coupled with selected first-class accessories, to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the unit. Before leaving the factory, the unit has completed the performance test under standard working conditions, and is allowed to leave the factory after it is qualified.


  • Multi-loop design:dual-unit, dual-unit parallel, and multi-system design have higher partial load efficiency;
  • Economizer: The fresh air valve and return air valve adopt analog or switch design, which can realize the best ratio of fresh return air, and can realize free cooling or heating in excessive seasons;
  • Patented partial exhaust air energy harvesting technology: twice recovery, 100% recovery of exhaust air energy is achieved, achieving the most energy-saving operation
  • Patented exhaust energy recovery technology: the exhaust energy can be recovered through the refrigeration system to realize how much exhaust energy and how much energy is recovered. The energy recovery refrigeration system realizes frost-free operation in winter, stable operation, good working conditions and best performance

Patented part of the exhaust energy collection technology, two-stage recovery of exhaust air cooling (heat), the first-stage fresh air recovers the cold (heat) amount of the exhaust air, and the second-stage outdoor side exhaust air’s cold (heat) amount to achieve exhaust air cooling (Heat) 100% recovery, the best part of the fresh air can be recovered when the energy is increased.

Patented exhaust air energy recovery technology The hot exhaust air energy is recovered through the refrigeration system to achieve cooling in summer and heat in winter, how much exhaust energy and how much to recover, the recovery of the refrigeration system is in good working conditions, stable operation, and frost-free operation in winter.

Product advantages

▼The connecting pipe is short, and there is no trouble of performance degradation, oil return, etc.;

▼The construction period is short, the project cost is low, and the commissioning is simple;

▼The energy loss in the refrigerant-water-air exchange process in the waterless air conditioning system;

▼No water pumps, cooling towers, wind pans and other equipment are needed, and there is no risk of water leakage;

▼There are no air supply fans and motors in the room, and it runs quietly;

▼It is placed on the roof, no computer room is needed, saving installation space and improving the utilization rate of the building;

▼Ensure the consistency of product quality and improve customer satisfaction;

▼The introduction of fresh air is convenient to meet the indoor air quality.

Technical Data:

Scope of application

Rooftop air conditioning units are particularly suitable for air conditioning systems in large spaces such as stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, theaters, conference rooms, shopping malls, and waiting rooms. Through the combination of the functions of the air treatment section and the advanced control system, it is also widely used in technological air-conditioning in industries such as medicine, electronics, food, machinery, and textiles.

Product form

Integral structure-placed outdoors, easy to install



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