Air energy heat pump:5kwh/day = indoor temperature 24℃

Can be installed as floor standing

Recently, “Europeans are buying Chinese electric blankets.” Close-up heating products such as electric blankets are popular in Europe.

At the same time, “winter artifacts” such as thermal underwear, heating treasures, and bare-leg artifacts are also entering the lives of Europeans.

Electric blanket production site
Electric blanket production site

In the context of the decline in the export value of most home appliances to Europe in 2022, the categories of electric heaters and electric blankets have grown against the trend.

From January to July, the cumulative export value reached 490 million US dollars and 33.4 million US dollars respectively. Among them, the growth rate of electric blankets reached 97%.

The air energy heat pump replaces the electric blanket, using 5 degrees of electricity every day to maintain the indoor temperature of 24 degrees.

Electric blanket production site

In the situation that heating products such as electric blankets are selling well in Europe, in the current market environment, European consumers are in urgent need of a more cost-effective heating method, and low-power small appliances “made in China” have become a new choice.

Looking for a low-cost “winter artifact”


The weather in Stuttgart, Germany has been very cold recently, and everyone has begun to wear down jackets.

Winters in Germany are cold and long.

The temperature in winter is generally 0 degrees Celsius.

With the continuation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the shortage of energy in Europe, the problem of energy shortage is very serious.

“The energy crisis is reflected in all aspects. Energy is expensive, and everything has become more expensive.”

Many customers in Europe turn off the lights early at night. Even more exaggerated, many households that rely on fireplaces for heating are robbing wood, and wood is even stolen in the garden. Now everyone is racking their brains to hide the wood.

Everyone’s situation is different. Some families live in villas. The old houses are very large and require more heating bills. The expenses are three or four times more expensive all at once.

Energy prices have soared in Europe, with forward prices for daytime electricity briefly soaring above 1,200 euros ($1,200) per megawatt-hour in Germany in the fourth quarter of this year in recent weeks, and more than 2,500 euros in France. The usual price is around 50 euros.

“People are looking for lower-cost alternatives to heat this winter,” online searches for “electric blankets” jumped 342% last week, with sales on platforms up 57% from a year earlier. Even her own rented house in the UK has risen by nearly 100 pounds to more than 500 pounds, including a monthly electricity bill of 100 to 300 pounds.

According to market intelligence data, in August, in the five European countries (UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy) in the Amazon electric blanket market, the total sales reached 30 million yuan, and the sales volume was 87,000, a month-on-month increase of 233%.

In July, this sales data is also rising, with the UK and Germany rising more prominently, reaching double growth.

In the European market, since last year, small household appliances such as air source heat pumps and heating treasures have been very popular among users.

In addition to being affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there is also a background that the epidemic has caused everyone to be more cautious in consumer spending and tend to spend less money to solve the actual heating problem.

According to general calculations, the combination of an air source heat pump and fan coil unit can maintain a constant temperature of 24 degrees in the room.

If there are young children and elderly people at home, it is easy to affect the health of the body.
Electric blankets can only be used to heat you during sleep each night, and the indoor temperature will continue to decrease with the outdoor temperature.

I suggest that you can consider the combination of an air energy heat pump and fan coil unit, heating method.

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