Working principle and characteristics of air-cooled water chillers

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Chiller is a kind of refrigeration machine, which can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure for the machinery and equipment needing cooling. Water chillers are very common in modern industrial production. Plastic industry, electronic industry, electroplating industry, machinery industry, construction industry, vacuum coating industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on are widely used. In the construction industry, water chillers are used because the molecular structure of concrete meets the requirements of building use, which effectively enhances the hardness and toughness of concrete.

Chillers are generally divided into two types, one is air-cooled chillers and the other is water-cooled chillers. Today we focus on air-cooled chillers, which can be divided into air-cooled screw chillers and air-cooled scroll chillers.

Air cooled chiller is an industrial cooling equipment equipped with compression refrigeration circuit, using air as cooling medium of condenser and water as cooling medium. air cooled chiller mainly includes four main components: compressor, condenser, evaporator and throttling device. Because it has the advantages of convenient installation and no need of cooling water system, it is widely used in industrial temperature control and air conditioning equipment.

I.The working principle of air cooled chiller:

During the operation of the air cooled chiller, the refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled object in the evaporator and vaporizes it. The compressor continuously extracts the generated gas from the evaporator and compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure steam. The refrigerant steam is sent to the condenser to exchange heat with the air, condenses into liquid after releasing heat, enters the evaporator after depressurizing by the throttling mechanism, vaporizes again and absorbs the heat of the cooled object, thus circulating repeatedly.

II. The characteristics of air cooled chiller:

  • Air cooled chiller has avoided the problems of condenser scaling and water pipe blockage caused by poor water quality areas, and saved water resources. However, the heat transfer efficiency of the finned condenser used in it is greatly affected by the accumulation of dust and dirt, so a dust filter grid must be set in front of the finned tube and it needs regular cleaning.
  •  Compared with water-cooled chillers in air cooled chiller, air cooled chiller adopts finned condenser, which directly uses fans to force air flow to take away refrigerant heat, without other auxiliary equipment, thus saving cooling tower, cooling water pump and cooling pipeline system. Therefore, it has certain advantages in installation, especially for small chillers which have little requirement on cooling capacity, and it is more convenient to move without excessive auxiliary materials.
  • The condensing temperature of air-cooled chillers is higher than that of water-cooled chillers under the same outdoor environment, so the power consumption of air cooled chiller is higher under the same cooling capacity. In terms of energy efficiency, the cooling capacity of water-cooled chillers is usually 300~500Kcal/h higher than that of air cooled chiller.

These are the characteristics and working principles of air-cooled chillers in KDGD’s water chillers. What do you think of air-cooled chillers? Please leave a message below.


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