Q: What is bellows flexible connection?
Answer: Corrugated stainless steel flexible connection is two 20cm long hoses installed at the inlet and outlet of the fan coil unit.

Q: Is it possible not to install this section of the hose?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the function of installing this piece of stainless steel hose?
A: Shock absorption. Soft installation between the water inlet, outlet pipe, and water inlet and outlet of fan coil. It can alleviate the vibration of the water inlet pipe and the return pipe to the fan coil unit.

Q: What benefits can you gain by installing stainless steel hoses?
a. Install it, the service life of your fan coil unit will be extended by 3-5 years.
b. Install it, your fan coil unit will reduce the possibility of water leakage during use.
c. Install it. When your fan coil unit is working, the resonance generated will be eliminated by the stainless steel hose.

In the picture below, I marked the blue arrows as inlet and outlet pipes, and the red arrows as stainless steel bellows.
You can clearly see the installation position between them.

Horizontal concealed fan coil unit water inlet and outlet and soft connection concealed structure

During the installation of the fan coil unit, many accessories are installed. Although the degree of fitting installation does not affect the use effect of the fan coil unit, it determines the use performance of the fan coil unit in a few years.

Installation accessories of fan coil unit include air cloth, tuyere, flexible connection, suspender, and so on.
The function of each accessory is different, and the soft connection mainly protects the fan coil, reduces the resonance between the fan coil unit and the water inlet and outlet pipes, and prolongs the service life of the fan coil.

This is a soft link

Let me reiterate the working principle of the fan coil unitagain.

The reason for this is that I want to emphasize that it is indeed a low energy consumption and high environmental protection investment.

Working principle of fan coil unit: cold water and hot water are used as media, and the heat and cold energy are transferred to the room by the fan coil wind, so as to improve the indoor air temperature.

Besides stainless steel bellows, what else should I pay attention to when installing a fan coil unit?

Horizontal concealed fan coil concealed fittings

What else should I pay attention to when installing a fan coil unit?

  1. When the fan coil unit is installed, the inlet and outlet pipes shall be provided with valves to adjust the water quantity. Electric valves shall be used in combination and controlled by temperature controllers.
  2. Before buying the fan coil unit, determine the position of the inlet pipe and outlet pipe in the installation environment, so as to determine the orientation of the fan coil’s inlet and outlet water.
    The fan has left inlet (outlet) water and right inlet (outlet) water, which is to match your installation environment and facilitate installation.
  3. How to judge the Sawaguchi of a fan coil unit?

Answer: I suggest you do this, it is easier to judge the correct fan coil unit Sawaguchi.
When judging, you should face the air outlet. If the water inlet and outlet are left water inlet on the left side and right water inlet on the right side. Most of the vertical surface coils are outlet (inlet) water.

  1. Inlet and outlet pipes of fan coil unit: lower inlet and upper outlet.
    A、when taking over, excessive force will damage the fan coil unit.
    B、The inlet and outlet pipes should be insulated, and the threaded connection should be sealed with PTFE tape. The drainage pipe should keep enough slope to facilitate the timely discharge of condensed water.
  2. The installation height and position of fan coil units shall be determined according to the drawings and the height of the civil ceiling, so as to avoid the downward or lateral tuyere that cannot be installed. At the same time, the elevation of connecting water inlet and outlet pipes and the gradient of condensate pipes should also be considered. Before installation, the drawings should be matched and improved, and all professional problems should be considered comprehensively before construction.

If you are a personal household, then I hope you can ask the local professional fan coil unit installation engineering team for help; If you are a dealer or a builder, I hope you can show the professional architectural CAD drawings to the technicians of the engineering team and ask for his help.
Or I can help you. I have a team of 13 people, mainly responsible for technology research and development, matching, and installation.