What is the DX Rooftop Packaged air conditioner and its installation?

Last Updated on November 8, 2021 by Shawn Lee

With the improvement of life quality, people have higher requirements for air quality and temperature. In order to meet the requirements of both air quality and temperature, the DX rooftop Packaged air conditioner came into being.

I.Direct expansion rooftop air conditioning unit

Direct expansion air conditioning unit is a “primary refrigerant” system, in which the refrigerant directly exchanges heat with the air to be treated without secondary heat exchange, that is, refrigerant-air. Direct expansion air conditioning units in a narrow sense refer to the following products: air-cooled external units, which are mostly matched with internal units in the form of combined cabinets. Refrigerant is directly discharged from the coil in the combined cabinet. The air to be treated directly exchanges heat with the refrigerant.

II.The air-cooled direct expansion roof machine

The whole air conditioning system of air-cooled direct expansion air conditioning unit is only composed of outdoor unit and indoor unit, without supporting equipment such as water pump, cooling tower, fan coil unit, etc., and without condensing drainage pipe, which is convenient to install and use. There are no moving machinery and water pipes in the system room, so users do not need to worry about noise and water leakage, and maintenance is convenient. The unit is placed on the roof or outdoor open space, so that the initial investment is saved. The unit is not only suitable for restaurants, entertainment, office buildings, clubs and general industrial workshops, but also suitable for clean places of industrial workshops such as medicine, food, electronics, chemical industry, scientific research and machinery.

III. Installation of Air-cooled Direct Expansion Roof Machine

1. The installation position shall be such that the hot air passing through the condenser will not be sucked back into the unit or sucked into the hot air discharged from another unit, and there shall be enough room for maintenance of the unit.

2. There should be no obstacles blocking the exhaust and suction of the unit on the channel of exhaust and suction of the unit.

3. The arrangement position of the unit should be well ventilated to take away the hot air blown out by the unit and suck in the air with lower temperature.

4. The unit shall be installed on a solid and horizontal base with sufficient strength to bear the weight of the unit and vibration during operation.

5. Avoid installation in dirty or oily environment


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