What is chilled water air conditioning system? II

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Shawn Lee

Central air-conditioning is no stranger to us. We often think that central air-conditioning is a Freon system, which uses Freon as the medium for refrigeration and heat exchange, but the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving is the central air-conditioning of water system. Let’s take a look at the components of water system.

III. Components of water system

Air release valve: It can concentrate the air in the water circulation or automatically discharge it at a local position. It is an indispensable valve in air conditioning system. Generally installed at the highest point and local highest point of closed waterway system.

Check valve: mainly used to prevent reverse flow of medium. Mainly installed in the water outlet section of water pump.

Filter: During the installation of the air conditioning system, some dirt such as mud and sand will flow from the water pipe, and some dirt such as rust will be produced continuously during the long-term operation of the water system. In order to prevent pollution of heat transfer tubes of air-conditioning equipment and local blockage of the system, it is required to set water quality treatment devices at the water flow inlets of important equipment such as water chillers.

Temperature-controlled electric two-way valve or three-way valve: control the temperature according to the load. If the room temperature in summer is lower than the set value, adjust or turn off the electric valve to adjust the water quantity. In addition, the electric valve is interlocked with the fan power supply of the fan coil unit, and when the fan coil unit stops using, the electric valve is closed to stop water supply.

Expansion tank: firstly, it collects the increased water volume caused by the expansion of water heating volume to prevent the system from being damaged; in addition, it also plays the role of constant pressure. The connection of expansion tank is a constant pressure point. Therefore, connecting expansion tank to different positions in the system can change the pressure distribution in the water system, which is very important for the analysis of pressure distribution in the water system of high-rise buildings.

Water system instruments: for the convenience of debugging, operation and management of the air conditioning system, some necessary instruments are required to be set in the water system, and pressure measuring devices are generally required at the inlet and outlet of the main equipment, so as to know the pressure distribution in the water system and the resistance of the equipment. As well as the place where the water temperature changes, temperature measuring devices, such as the inlet and outlet of cold and heat source equipment, should be set up.

Water system valve: the valve set in the water system generally has two functions: one is to adjust the water quantity in the pipe network; The second is to turn off, such as switching between cold and heat sources in changing seasons, or turning off with valves during equipment maintenance.


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