Installation of condensed water of three fan coils

Horizontal concealed ultra-thin fan coil unit

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As a dealer, you must know the installation of fan coil units.
I’m a fan coil manufacturer from China, and I’ll tell you something about the installation of a soft connection for the condensate pipe of a fan coil.

Ultra-thin concealed horizontal fan coil
Ultra-thin concealed horizontal fan coil

During the installation of fan coil units, one thing to pay attention to is that the connection between fan coil units and water pipes must use the soft connection, and this soft connection can be rubber or threaded metal pipe. Why do fan coil units have to use a soft connection? Knowledge of fan coil unit installation.

Fan coil condensate soft connection
Fan coil condensate soft connection

It is very convenient to install the soft connection on the fan coil, and the soft connection is not optional.
A flexible connection between the fan coil and condensate pipe has at least three functions.

  1. Shock absorption. Metal soft connection is installed between the condensate pipe and the fan coil, which can prevent the fan coil from resonating with the condensate pipe and reduce noise. Why must the fan coil unit be connected flexibly? This is because the fan coil unit itself will produce certain vibrations when it is running. If it is not used at this time, the whole pipeline may resonate with the fan coil unit, resulting in excessive noise when the fan coil unit is running. Besides, if it resonates for a long time, it will be harmful to both the fan coil unit and the pipeline.
  2. The condensate pipe is galvanized pipe. If the installation is not careful, there will be poor water flow at the outlet of the condensate pipe and the fan coil unit. If the drainage at the outlet is not smooth, the condensate can not be discharged in time, which will lead to the overflow of condensate and affect the normal work of the fan coil unit.
  3. The temperature difference of the condensate pipe changes greatly, which leads to the galvanized pipe expanding with heat and contracting with cold when it passes through hot water and cold water, and the life of the chilled water pipe is shortened.


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