Installation differences of different types of fan coil units

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The fan coil unit shall be exposed or concealed according to the specific conditions and decoration requirements of the room, and the installation position and form shall be determined.

1、Vertical units are generally placed under the window sill of the external wall;
2、The horizontal unit is hung on the upper part of the room;
3、The wall-mounted unit is hung above the wall;
4、The reliable wall of the column unit is placed on the ground or in the partition wall;
5、The cassette unit is embedded in the ceiling.

Product catalogue of fan coil unit of our company
Product catalog of fan coil unit of our company

Open-mounted unit:

It is directly placed indoors without decoration, but the unit whose appearance color is in harmony with the room tone should be selected.

Concealed unit:

It should be equipped with air supply and air return ports coordinated with architectural decoration and equipped with air outlet filters at the air return ports.

Horizontal installation unit:

Mostly hidden on the ceiling.

Exposed fan coil
Exposed fan coil
Install indoor horizontal concealed fan coil.
Install indoor horizontal concealed fan coil.

Removable or openable maintenance openings should also be left in the building decoration, so as to facilitate disassembly and overhaul of the fan and motor of the unit and cleaning of the air heat exchanger.

Vertical exposed fan coil
Vertical exposed ultra-thin fan-coil

There are two air supply modes for horizontal unit installation: the ceiling of the upper side delivery box supplies air downward.
If the side delivery model is adopted:

the fan coil with low static pressure can be selected, and the outlet of the unit is directly connected to the double-layer louver;

If ceiling downward air supply is adopted:

a high static pressure fan coil should be adopted, and the air supply outlet of the unit can be connected with a section of air duct, which is connected with several diffusers for downward air supply.

There are two ways to return air to horizontal concealed units:

Setting louvers or other forms of air return outlets and air outlet filters on the ceiling, connecting to the air return box of the unit with air pipes, without air pipes.

Indoor air enters the ceiling and is sucked by the units placed on the ceiling.

Air inlet and outlet of fan coil
Air inlet and outlet of fan coil

In addition, attention should be paid to the noise control requirements of the room when selecting fan coil units.


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