How to identify the quality of fan coil units?

Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Shawn Lee

Fan coil unit is the most common terminal form of central air conditioning in water system. It is composed of fan, motor and coil, and is widely used in production and life.

So, how do we choose fan coil units? How to judge the quality of fan coil units. How to identify the quality of fan coil units.

Look at the price of fan coil unit: Fan coil unit is a standardized product, and the market competition is fierce. The most intuitive thing about the quality of fan coil units is the price. The quality of those with high prices is mostly better than that of those with low prices. Of course, this is not necessarily accurate.

Check the technical parameters of fan coil: check whether the technical parameters including cooling capacity, heating capacity, motor power and noise meet the technical requirements. The higher the degree of compliance, the higher the quality of fan coil.

Ask about the material of fan coil unit

  • Ask the brand of motor: motor is the power source of fan coil unit, and the quality of motor is related to the performance and service life of fan coil unit itself.
  • Material and thickness of coil wall: the coil is generally made of copper pipe, and the material and thickness determine the service life and heat transfer effect of fan coil. Generally speaking, the coil wall thickness is 0.25-0.3 mm. In terms of material, based on cost control and heat conduction effect, the general manufacturers choose red copper inside the fuselage and brass for the two cold water pipes connected to the outside.
  • Ask the brand of fuselage plate: the fuselage plate of fan coil unit determines the corrosion resistance of fan coil unit.
  • Quality assurance period: Quality assurance period can roughly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of fan coil units. Good quality, the warranty period is longer; If the quality is poor, the warranty is up to one year.

Look at workmanship

  • Knock on the fan coil unit: a good quality fan coil unit, with its hand knocked on it, makes a low sound, which is between plastic and metal.
  • Touch the edge: Good quality fan coil units not only pay attention to the quality of main parts, but also pay attention to many details. The edge of fan coil unit with good quality will be cut-proof, and it will not be scratched when touched by hand. The edge of the fan coil unit with poor quality is sharp, and it will be cut carelessly.
  • Look at the screws: the fan coil units with good quality will use raised head screws to fix the fuselage. Even if pointed screws are used, the nail heads will be cut off and anti-scratch treatment will be done. If it is not treated, it is easy to scratch the first-line installer during installation. However, poor quality fan coils will not pay attention to these details.
  • Listen to the sound of fan coil unit operation: the noise generated by fan coil unit operation is also a key indicator. High-quality fan coil units will be optimized and adjusted in fuselage design, material selection of worm gear and volute and airflow movement, and the noise will be within a reasonable range. You can find a big brand fan coil data, and then compare it to see if the noise value between them is within a reasonable error range.
  • Touch the heat of the motor: the motor with good quality has excellent performance. Under the premise of the same time, the heat of the motor body is much smaller than that of the motor with poor quality. Move a fan coil with high-quality motor, put it together with the fan coil you want to buy, connect it to the power supply, let it run for 2 hours, and then feel the heat of both. If the fan coil unit you want to buy is not well-known, take care not to burn when touching it.


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