Floor-standing Slim Fan Coil Units

130mm Ultra Thin Exposed Fan Coil Unit

Ultra-thin fan coil unit
Ultra-thin fan coil unit

Heating equipment that brings a new experience

It gives you a warm and comfortable indoor environment and highlights your taste.

Can be installed as floor standing
Can be ceiling suspended
Can be hung on the wall

   •  I am a fan coil unit manufacturer in China.

   •  I can provide you with fan coil customization and R&D services.

   •  Doubts about the product quality, you find factory inspection agent, I will pay for it.

Where will the low-cost fan coil unit save costs?
Ultra-thin fan coil unit waiting for export in the workshop
Fan coil unit assembly workshop

No manufacturer can provide products of the same quality.

Only I can.

Because I own the HAVC industry chain.
The fan coil unit is just an “olive branch” for me to open the market.

my factory
Fan coil delivery and loading site
Air energy heat pumps waiting for export shipment
HAVC host production workshop
Fan coil unit and host processing workshop
Operate the R&D workshop

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