Electric Two-way Valve Corrugated Flexible Hose Stainless Steel Ball Valve Filter for Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil accessories package

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1、What is the fan coil auxiliary material package?
When installing the fan coil unit, some accessories must be installed in the water system pipeline. Ensure that the fan coil unit has a better use effect and a longer service life.

fan coil part
Fan Coil Auxiliary Package Accessories Details
Fan coil accessories package

2、What’s in the accessory pack?
The fan coil auxiliary material package includes 4 booms, 1 filter ball valve, 1 safety valve, 1 insulation pipe, 1 electric two-way valve, and 2 stainless steel copper head connections.

Fan coil accessories package

Earlier I introduced the importance of the electric two-way valve and the stainless steel copper head soft connection in the later use of the fan coil unit.

This is an electric two-way valve. If you are not very familiar with it, you can click on the link to the special article to learn more about it.

Electric two-way valve

This is a stainless steel corrugated soft connection. If you are not very familiar with it, you can click to connect to the special article to learn more about it.

flexible connection

This accessory package contains these two parts. How to use them and their functions, if your customers need to know these, then continue to pay attention to my article updates, and I will continue to analyze them in depth.

This is the ball valve filter, if you are not very familiar with it, please pay attention to my subsequent updated articles, I will continue to analyze the importance of various accessories in depth!

ball valve filter

3、In addition to these two auxiliary accessories, are there other things I must use in the auxiliary material package?
Reminder: All accessories in the auxiliary material package are suitable for horizontal concealed fan coil units, cassette fan coil units, and fan coil units that need to be hung on the roof.
If it is an exposed fan coil unit, a wall-mounted fan coil unit, or a moonlight ultra-thin fan coil unit, no boom is required. Because these types of fan coil units do not need to be hung up for use.
But in addition to the boom, other accessories are needed.


If your customer still doesn’t understand how to use the boom, it doesn’t matter, send him the photo below. The boom is the connection between the fan coil unit and the roof.

The boom is used like this

4、Does the auxiliary material package have to be purchased as a set?

No. You can choose to buy according to your actual user needs.

Auxiliary material packages and overseas transportation can effectively prevent loose and trim products from being lost during long-distance transport.

Fan coil auxiliary material installation package


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