130mm Ultra Thin Exposed Fan Coil Unit

Three types of fan coil use problems:

• Insufficient fan coil cooling and heating when in use

• The fan coil unit is too noisy at night, which seriously affects sleep

• Fan coil unit is leaking




Ultra-thin fan coil front
Back of ultra-thin fan coil unit
Ultra-thin fan coil air outlet
Ultra-thin fan coil controller
Ultra-thin fan coil motor
Ultra-thin fan coil inlet and outlet

Our fan coil units, have no quality problems, you can enjoy more high-tech features, and the product is the same price.


1、ECBL motor, noise as low as 25dB.

2、Wifi smart controller, can connect to a mobile phone.

3、The 5-speed air volume is adjustable, and the motor speed is adjustable.

4、With sterilization device, UVC germicidal lamp.

5、The thickness of the whole machine is only 130mm.


1. The ultra-thin wall-mounted fan coil unit belongs to the general-purpose surface-mounted fan coil unit, which refers to the installation of the heating system after the house is renovated or moved in for various reasons.

2. The fan coil radiator pipe with the exposed pipe is not buried in the ground but is directly combined with the concealed places such as the ceiling, wall corner, skirting line, etc., which is an ultra-thin fan coil radiator installation technology.

3、 Avoid grooving directly on the wall and damaging the floor.

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3、The company’s traceability database can query the details of each machine and raw materials.

We assure you that every machine can be tracked. Every product you buy and use can provide comprehensive after-sales service.

Product parameter size drawing

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