What is chilled water air conditioning system? I

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Central air-conditioning is no stranger to us. We often think that central air-conditioning is a Freon system, which uses Freon as a medium for refrigeration and heat exchange, but the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving is the central chilled water air-conditioning system.

I.what is a chilled water system or air condition system?

The water system is the air conditioner, which uses water as a refrigerant. Compared with the traditional fluorine system, the water system is larger, which is generally used in large buildings. At the same time, the opening rate is over 90%, saving energy, mainly in the commercial market, coal to electricity, coal to gas, and villas. In the water system, indoor loads are all borne by hot and cold water units, fan coils in each room are connected with hot and cold water units through pipelines, and the cold and hot water is provided for cooling and heating.

chilled water air conditioning
chilled water air conditioning

II. Typical air conditioning units are mainly composed of a chilled water circulation system, cooling water circulation system, and the main engine:

1. chilled water circulation system

This part consists of a refrigeration pump, indoor fan, and chilled water pipeline. Low-temperature chilled water flowing out of the main engine evaporator is pumped into the chilled water pipeline (outlet water) by a refrigeration pump, enters the room for heat exchange, takes away the heat in the room, and finally returns to the main engine evaporator (return water). Indoor fans are used to blow air through chilled water pipes, reduce air temperature and accelerate indoor heat exchange.

2. Cooling water circulation part

This part consists of a cooling pump, cooling water pipeline, cooling water tower, etc. When the chilled water circulation system exchanges indoor heat, it will certainly take away a lot of indoor heat energy. This heat energy is transferred to the cooling water through the refrigerant in the main engine, which makes the temperature of the cooling water rise. The cooling pump pumps the heated cooling water into the cooling water tower (outlet water) to exchange heat with the atmosphere, and then sends it back to the host condenser (return water) after lowering the temperature.

3. Chiller

The main engine is composed of a compressor, evaporator, condenser, and refrigerant.


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