Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit, Family used.

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Air Flow

380-670 m3/h





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Nowadays, almost every family uses wall fan coil air conditioner, which is the most important household appliance in large household life. Without it, we will be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. It is an indispensable part. We can’t live without high wall mounted air conditioner, which has exquisite appearance, wall-mounted installation, does not occupy space, and can be used for both heating and cooling.

This product is wall mounted fan coil, is suitable for various places such as household houses, commercial offices and halls,and this wall fan coil unit for home is efficient and energy-saving.

Wall mounted fan coil unit wall cabinet installation mode, exquisite and compact appearance, super mute effect can be well adapted to the installation of bedroom; Wide-angle and multi-directional air supply of this home fan coil can satisfy the temperature in different places and is suitable for small offices and household.

Working principle

The function of wall mounted fan coil is to cool or heat indoor air through condenser and then send it into the room, so that the indoor air temperature can be lowered or raised to meet people’s comfort requirements.

Product Details




Shell:ABS injection molding, firm and beautiful, not easy to change color, the whole units light and handy







Wall install fan coil: Lightweight fuselage design, hanging in the upper space of the wall, occupies less space and does not interfere with the indoor environment.







Pull-out filter screen can be disassembled and cleaned easily, saving time and effort, and making dust removal operation simpler.






Turbine: ABS material, tubular turbine, large air volume, low noise, strong and durable, not easy to weather.







Motor: plastic package 3 speed motor, stable operation, ultra-quiet






Condenser: 0.45mm thick copper tube, φ7 copper tube, high density hydrophilic aluminum foil, multi-in and multi-out high efficiency heat exchange. C-shaped increases windward area.





Control panel: panel dim display, intelligent temperature control system, unique cold wind prevention design, do not operate when the heating water temperature is lower than 35 degC, “self-protection” function, when the water temperature is higher than 70℃ in the power-on state, the forced heat dissipation function is started automatically.

Technical Data

Technical data of high wall mounted fan coil unit for home
Product name high wall mounted fan coil unit
Model YXLP
Power 18w
Air flow 380-670 m3/h
Cooling capacity 2.4kw-4kw
Heating capacity 4.4kw-6kw
Voltage 220v
Frequency 50hz
Noise 32-41db
Weight 9.8kg
Applicable area 20-30 m2
Motor 3 speed motor
Copper 28
Diameter of copper 7 mm
Size of coil C-type 675mm
Waterway 5 in 5 out
Size 850*265*210 mm
Aluminium foil 0.105mm, Gold plating
Distance between fins 1.5mm
Shell material HIPS panel, flame retardant ABS for electronic control part
Turbine ABS+AS+GF
Control panel LCD display


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