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As an essential terminal equipment in central air conditioning HVAC system, horizontal concealed fan coil unit is the terminal ambient air heat exchanger of central air conditioning system, and the function of ceiling concealed fan coil unit is to heat or cool the indoor environment.

Horizontal concealed fan coil units are the most durable series of all fan coil units. Adequate air volume, high heat exchange efficiency and ultra-thin fuselage structure are very popular in the market. The chilled water horizontal concealed fan coil unit in ceiling is hoisted inside the ceiling, which does not occupy other indoor decoration space and is very convenient to install.

Horizontal concealed fan coil units are widely used in air-conditioning occasions of industrial and civil buildings with multiple rooms or large spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and office buildings, to meet the needs of cooling, dehumidification and heating. This type of fan coil unit can also be applied to the heating of agricultural greenhouses in winter and the cooling and heating of animal husbandry.

As the overall performance of advanced fan coil units is enhanced, it is suitable for high standard people and some quality-oriented customers. It can also be used in some harsh environments, and the enhanced performance makes the durability of the machine better than that of standard machines. Such as in the bathroom. The waterproof function of high-end motor is better than that of standard fan coil units, and its service life is greatly increased.

Working principle

The function of concealed fan coil is to cool or heat indoor air or outdoor mixed air through surface cooler and then send it into the room, so that the indoor air temperature can be lowered or raised to meet people’s comfort requirements. Cold (hot) medium water in the coil pipe is supplied centrally by the machine room.

Product Details


  • Shell: 1.0mm thick, oil-free hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
  • Motor: First-line brand Yongan Motor Selected
  • Fan: 0.6mm hot-dip galvanized volute with enlarged blades
  • Condenser: high-density hydrophilic aluminum foil, 0.35mm thick φ9.52 pure copper tube
  • Drain pan: 0.8mm high-gloss sprayed steel plate, 7mm rubber and plastic insulation



Product Features and Advantages of fan coil unit fcu


Advantages of sheet metal shell: The shell sheet metal is all made of flower-free and oil-free hot-dip galvanized sheet, which is clean and tidy with high durability.






Advantages of sheet metal processing technology:

1.Longitudinal stiffener technology is added to sheet metal shell of water cooling section to increase sheet metal strength. The screw hole is stretched and plated, and the sheet metal connection is firmer.






2.The perforated parts of sheet metal copper pipes on both sides of the condenser are stretched to protect the copper pipes from being scratched. Stretching technology is added to the installation part of water collecting head to increase the strength of sheet metal and avoid screwing the water collecting head to damage the pipeline during installation.

Material advantages of condenser



The fan coil adopts hydrophilic aluminum foil and pure copper tube, the same as those of first-line brands.





Advantages of condenser processing technology

Aluminum foil: fully automatic fin grinding tool, fin spacing of 2mm.

Copper pipe: automatic pipe bender to ensure the stability of copper pipe thickness.

Tube expanding: vertical tube expanding machine, can keep the copper thickness unchanged.

Water collecting head: the waterway is designed according to the national water resistance standard. (advanced type is made of brass for forging, which is more strong and durable.)


Insulation material for fan coil unit machine



The front cover of the standard type fan coil units condenser is integrally pasted with 7mm rubber and plastic insulation material, which plays a role of heat preservation when heating, and prevents the generation of condensate water when cooling.





Advanced type fan coil unit machines are pasted with tower-shaped silencing cotton. Experimental results show that silencing cotton can effectively reduce 3-5 dB noise.




Advantages of fan and motor section




Fan: galvanized volute with strong corrosion resistance







ABS fan: noise reduction 3-5db.






Motor:Jiangsu Liwen Motor is selected for the standard type.







Motor:First-line brand Yong ‘an Motor is selected for advanced type.






The stiffening process of the motor plate increases the strength of the sheet metal, the bending part is stiffened longitudinally, and the surroundingreinforcement ribs are added to the motor mounting hole, which greatly improves the stability of the motor.





Longitudinal stiffener,Fan stiffener

Motor surround reinforcement rib

Surround reinforcement ribs for motor mounting holes

Motor board, thickness 1.0mm

The motor board bears the vibration of the fan during operation, so the strength of the motor board is very important.

The air outlet of the fan coil is widened, and the same model is 5CM wider than other products. The purpose is to enlarge the discharge plenum and reduce the noise generated by the wind.

Technical Data

Model FP34 FP51 FP68 FP85 FP102 FP136 FP170 FP204 FP238
Air Flow    CMH 340 510 680 850 1020 1360 1700 2040 2380
Cooling Capacity    W 1800 2700 3600 4500 5400 7200 9000 10800 12600
Heating Capacity   W Water inlet temperature 60℃ 2700 4050 5400 6750 8100 10800 13500 16200 18900
Water inlet temperature 45℃ 1800 2700 3600 4500 5400 7200 9000 10800 12600
Power   W 12pa 36 50 60 74 93 130 147 183 221
30pa 43 57 70 84 105 151 169 206 245
50pa 48 64 81 97 114 169 204 243 291
Noise   dB(A) 12pa 37 39 41 43 45 46 48 50 52
30pa 40 42 44 46 47 48 50 52 54
50pa 42 44 46 47 49 50 52 54 56
Water Resistance  kpa 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 50


12pa 46 49 54 54 51 49 53 51 48
30pa 39 43 47 49 45 43 47 46 44
50pa 35 39 41 43 42 38 40 40 38


60℃ 12pa 68 73 81 82 76 73 79 77 72
30pa 58 65 70 73 68 64 70 69 66
50pa 53 59 61 64 63 58 60 60 57
45℃ 12pa 46 23 54 54 51 49 53 51 48
30pa 39 20 47 49 45 43 47 46 44
50pa 35 18 41 43 42 38 40 40 38


Type FP34 FP51 FP68 FP85 FP102 FP136 FP170 FP204 FP238
Total length(mm) 750 855 955 1050 1150 1360 1660 1865 2060
Length of air outlet(mm) 450 580 650 760 900 1100 1350 1560 1755
Length of hoisting holes(mm) 480 610 680 790 930 1130 1380 1580 1780


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