130mm Ultra Thin Exposed Fan Coil Unit

  • 130mm thiner exposed fan coil unit
  • DC Brushless motor
  • Tubular abs wind wheel
  • 0.8mm thick flowerless and oilless hot dip galvanized sheet metal

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Ultra thin wall mounted fan coil unit belong to the univerasal exposed fan coil units, refers to the installation of heating system after the house has been decorated or has been moved in due to various reasons. It is a kind of slim fan coil unit radiator installation technology that the fan coil radiator pipe of the exposed pipe is not buried, but directly along the ceiling, corner, skirting line and other concealed places, so as to avoid directly slotting on the wall and damaging the floor.

Ultra thin exposed wall mounted fan coil heating is highly sought after because of its excellent practicability, especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women and sensitive people in the upper respiratory tract. It is comfortable and warm in winter and very practical.

Ultra thin wall fan coil unit radiator can be customized and personalized according to the needs of users. All types of houses basically meet the installation requirements, and there is no need to “build a large scale” at home and do not damage the original home decoration.

Working principle:

The function of ultra thin fan coil unit is to cool indoor air or outdoor mixed air through surface cooler and then send it into the room, so that the indoor air temperature can be lowered or raised to meet people’s comfort requirements. hot medium water in the coil pipe is supplied centrally by the machine room.

Product Details



condenser:High density hydrophilic aluminum foil, 0.26mm thick pure copper tube







Motor:Plastic packaging 12w motor,ultra-quiet





Air inlet: ABS injection molding, removal filter








Switch: High-end LCD switch, which automatically controls the temperature according to the indoor temperature.The machine body is integrated without the cost of temperature controller.


Product Features and Advantages of fan coil unit

  1.  Ultra-low static pressure: the cross-flow fan with ultra-low noise and advanced wind guiding technology are used to make delicate layout inside, so that the whole machine can run at low decibel and make your sleep more comfortable.
  2. Ultra-thin design: the internal parts are in close contact with each other, and the thickness is ultra-thin. Compared with the ordinary vertical fan disk with a thickness of 250mm, the Yesncer ultra-thin fan coil is only 130mm, which can be equal to the width of the palm, leaving more precious space for you.
  3.  Fashionable appearance: perfect radian, noble and fashionable appearance, elegant and generous white color, which will become a beautiful landscape wherever it is placed indoors.
  4.  Adopt brand-new self-developed controller, with fashionable appearance, simple interface, simpler and more humane operation! Blue power backlight, unit operation mode display lamp, so that you can know the unit operation status in real time.
  5.  The wireless remote controller can be selected to control the running state of the unit at any time indoors.
  6. It is convenient to maintain and easily disassemble and wash the filter screen to ensure that the indoor air is always in a fresh and clean health state.
  7. Reliable safety protection function. When users or maintenance personnel disassemble the return air grille, the wind turbine will stop running immediately to prevent personal injury.

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