Measures To Solve Fan Coil Leakage

Measures To Solve Fan Coil Leakage

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Fan coil plus fresh air system is a widely used air conditioning system at present. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and other buildings because of its flexible layout and independent adjustment of each room.

However, many problems are often caused by mistakes in construction and design, and the most common one is water leakage.

Fan coil unit leak site
Fan coil unit leak site

In the general engineering side of the fan coil system, there are special-shaped pipe fittings such as valves, filters, hoses, etc. in the pipeline connected to the coil, which are not easy to keep warm and compact, and are often disassembled on daily maintenance, so it is easy to cause the leakage of condensed water droplets. In engineering practice, it can be prevented and remedied by sloping the local pipeline of water supply and returning to the coil side.

Horizontal concealed fan coil concealed fittings
Horizontal concealed fan coil concealed fittings

Poor drainage of condensed water is mostly manifested by the overflow of water from the condensate water receiving tray of the fan coil unit. During the operation and use of the air conditioning system, the local stress is too large, or the supports and hangers fail, which is easy to cause slope change or local water storage, and it is easy to cause the overflow of condensed water. It is necessary to strictly control the slope of water pipes, dredge the drainage pipes and control the reasonable spacing with other pipes during installation. Don’t get too close to prevent accidental stress and deformation. And check the installation and fixing points of supports and hangers to prevent deformation and falling off.

During the construction process, some people think that as long as the water enters from the highest point of the condensate pipe network, the water can exit from the lowest point. However, it is not enough to only exit the water, and the same amount of water should be ensured.

Otherwise, there will be local water storage problems. These problems of fan coil unit air conditioning are easy to accumulate impurities, breed bacteria, moss, etc., and easily block pipelines for a long time. This kind of problem must be strengthened in construction management, and it is difficult to find and deal with it after the condensate pipe is insulated.

Every kind of equipment will have some shortcomings, and we won’t deny the existence value and use value of the equipment just because of its shortcomings. As long as we use them reasonably, they can be well used by us.

Install fan coil in farm
Practical site of installing fan coil unit in a stationery store
Installation of fan coil unit in flower greenhouse

The same is true for fan coil units that are common in our production and life. The use of axial flow fans requires users to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages well. Only by making good use of them can we achieve better results. How can we make rational and proper use of fan coil units?

Reasonable use is limited and proper maintenance is indispensable. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a set of perfect maintenance management systems. Regular maintenance is an important link to improving the reliability of axial flow fan coil units.

According to the user’s experience, it can be judged that adopting different means and methods for different faults can significantly reduce the frequency and frequency of unplanned shutdown of the fan, so all these require the technology of axial flow fan coil unit to be more perfect and reliable.

As a fan coil unit manufacturer or supplier, you need to master simple solutions to deal with fan coil unit failures. Only in this way can we better serve our terminal users!
Such as surge, stall, high wind, etc., all belong to some fault problems.

To deal with the faults, maintenance personnel must know the operating conditions of equipment, analyze and judge the causes and frequencies of faults, quickly deal with the inducement that the oil pressure fluctuation affects the fan coil unit operation, and be familiar with the influence of the opening of wind rotor blades and stator blades on the fan coil unit operation.

In addition, when the nut used to fix the feedback bearing is loosened due to the vibration of the fan, the feedback rod will also fail. The feedback rod can’t drive the jacket of the wrong oil valve to move, so it can’t seal the oil inlet of the regulating system. The fan coil unit blades can only slide in the direction of full opening or full closing and finally stabilize at the limit position by mechanical limit.

Although there are some unavoidable shortcomings in the axial flow fan, as long as we avoid these determinations well in use, the use effect of the fan can be well guaranteed, and the frequency of failures in use will be reduced a lot.

Causes and solutions of water leakage of fan coil unit:

1、If the water leaks out of the water collecting tray of the fan coil, it is mainly due to the problem of the thermal insulation material, which needs to be strengthened and can be eliminated.

The inlet and outlet pipes of the fan coil are well insulated.
The inlet and outlet pipes of the fan coil are well insulated.

2、If water leaks in the water collecting tray, it means that the condensate pipe of the fan coil is blocked and the condensate overflows. We just need to dredge the condensate pipe. Prepare a 4 ~ 5m long plastic pipe, insert one end into the condensate discharge pipe, and connect the other end to the bathroom faucet (you can make a small joint and screw it on the faucet by thread). Using the pressure of water, dredge the pipe or blow it with a carbon dioxide cylinder.

The phenomenon that the condensate pipe of the fan coil unit is blocked is frequent, which is mainly due to the existence of water in the fan coil unit, coupled with the appropriate temperature, which is easy to make algae multiply and grow, resulting in extremely thick gelatinous and slippery residue, which blocks the condensate pipe.
It is suggested to put algaecide in the water collecting tray of the fan coil unit to reduce its harm.

Water outlet of fan water tray
The water outlet of the fan water tray
The water outlet of the fan coil unit is easily blocked
The water outlet of the fan coil unit is easily blocked
  1. If the condensate discharge pipe of the fan coil unit of central air conditioning is always blocked, water will often leak from above. Once blocked, there will be a lot of biological sludge, which is dirty. In addition to regular cleaning, it is recommended to thoroughly wash and remove the scale systematically, and check whether the fan coil unit return air outlet is equipped with a filter screen and whether the installation slope of the pipeline meets the requirements.
Fan coil air inlet is blocked
Fan coil air inlet is blocked
Air inlet and outlet of fan coil easily blocked
Air inlet and outlet of fan coil easily blocked

Of course, cleaning is a temporary solution but not a permanent solution.
The condensate of the fan coil unit is often blocked because there is too much dust in the place where the equipment is located, and the drip tray is often polluted. In fact, the biological scale is basically environmental dirt.

School dormitory building project construction
School dormitory building project construction

Besides cleaning, the maintenance of the equipment is the most important thing.

The next chapter is the special topic: fan coil unit equipment maintenance.

I think your end users will definitely need it.


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