Fresh air units radically improve indoor comfort

Fresh air unit

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The fresh air unit is matched with the fan coil to improve the indoor temperature, humidity, and cleanliness.

What I will analyze in depth is:

What are the effects of the combination of the fresh air unit and the fan coil unit?

What is the difference between the fresh air unit and the air conditioning unit?

Air Handling Unit Parameters Table
Air Handling Unit Parameters Table

A fresh air unit is an air conditioning device that provides fresh air.

In terms of function, the fresh air unit can achieve constant temperature and humidity or simply provide fresh air according to the requirements of the use environment.

The working principle of the fresh air unit: the fresh air is extracted from the outdoor and sent to the indoor through the fan after dust removal, dehumidification (or humidification), cooling (or heating), etc., and replaces the original indoor air when entering the indoor space.

For the relative humidity control of the fresh air ventilator, select the setting position or control parameters of the humidity sensor, which is related to its humidification source and control method.

The functions mentioned above are determined according to the needs of the user environment. The more complete the functions, the higher the cost.

Air Handling Unit
Air Handling Unit

This is for sure because the multi-functional fresh air unit needs us to help you out with design drawings and customize them individually, whether it is product size or a functional section.

Can be customized according to the needs of your customers.

Air Handling Unit

Part 1:

How do match the fresh air unit and the fan coil to control the indoor temperature and improve the indoor air quality?

  1. There is no fresh air outlet in the fan coil unit, all the fresh air needs to be provided by the fresh air unit. The treated fresh air is provided by the fresh air unit and the return air is treated by the fan coil unit, or mixed first and then processed by the fan coil unit, and then sent into the room.
  2. The combination of fresh air unit and fan coil unit can be applied to various space ranges, multiple small-scale spaces, and fan coil units can be installed in a single small space.
  3. In a large building, fresh air units provide fresh air. The same can be used, the combination of the fresh air unit and the fan coil unit can achieve the same temperature control capability as the air conditioning unit, and can also provide fresh air and maintain indoor humidity.
Air Handling Unit Testing Center

Part 2:

What is the difference between a fresh air unit and an air conditioning unit?

  1. The fresh air unit mainly processes the outdoor air and inputs the fresh outdoor air into the room; while the air conditioning unit is used to process the indoor air processed by the fresh air blower, and no fresh outdoor air enters the room.
  2. The fresh air unit has a return air outlet, and the return air can also be designed with fresh air, the purpose of which is to better adjust the indoor temperature and humidity and other parameters; the air conditioning unit cannot achieve this purpose.
  3. Generally speaking, the fresh air unit does not bear the heat and humidity load of the air-conditioning area. The main function is to supply fresh air. Of course, the ideal state is that the temperature and humidity of the air supply are constant, so the fresh air unit generally controls the temperature and humidity of the air supply.
production workshop
Air Handling Unit production workshop
Air Handling Unit Filter Segment

Your customers can install a fan coil unit in each room at the same time as installing the fresh air unit so that each room can save energy and comfort.


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