Difference between fan coil unit and fluorine air conditioner

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What is the difference between a fan coil unit and a central air conditioner?

1、From the installation point of view, outdoor units are required.

2、From the comfort point of view, the fluorine air conditioner is not as comfortable as the floor-standing fan coil unit.

3、From the market price point of view, the price of the fan coil unit is lower than that of the fluorine air conditioner.

4、From the point of view of power consumption, the silent fan coil unit adopts fixed frequency technology, which consumes more power than a fluorine air conditioner.

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This drawing is the result of Willis Carrier’s pioneering design, which was submitted to Sackett & Wilhelms on July 17th, 1902, and laid the foundation for the invention of the first modern air conditioning system that changed the world.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing fan coil units?

1、Look at the refrigeration performance

When purchasing, you need to know how its refrigeration performance is, and then refer to the area of the room to choose the appropriate ultra-thin exposed fan coil units, so that the fan coil unit will be more comfortable to use and achieve the ideal refrigeration effect.

Installation drawing of a horizontal concealed fan coil unit

2、Look at the coil

When purchasing, it is recommended that you choose the coil with two rows of tubes. This coil has better refrigeration performance and larger air volume, which can improve the ventilation frequency of the used space and improve the comfort of use.

Installation of concealed fan coil unit project

3、Listen to the noise

When the silent-fan-coil-unit is working, it will produce certain vibrations and noise.

If the quality of the product is poor, the noise it makes will be larger, which will affect the comfort of use.

At the same time, it is easy for people to feel irritable, while the noise of the high-quality product is lower, and the noise it makes will not bring too much trouble to people.

Vertical-mounted fan coil ceiling installation

4、Look at the installation method

From the point of view of installation methods, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal types.

Generally speaking, the surface-mounted ones are mainly vertical, and most of them are installed under the windowsill, which is more common.

Most of the concealed clothes are installed on the ceiling of the room, its cold air is from top to bottom, and its return air outlet is set up on the other side of the ceiling.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy-Energy Saving 101 Information Map


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