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Design points of air conditioning system in dining room, banquet hall and multi-function hall

  • Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Shawn Lee

    Restaurants, banquet halls and multi-function halls are common places in our daily life and work. What kind of air conditioning systems are they used in these common places? The systems they apply are all-air low wind speed system and fan coil unit plus fresh air system.

    All-air low wind speed system

    ①flow organization

    The air distribution methods commonly used in restaurants, banquet halls and multi-function halls are: up to down or up to side (down). When hot air is sent in winter, it is difficult to make the air flow drop because of the high floor height. Measures such as tuyere adjustment can be adopted in the design to ensure a larger range when hot air is sent in winter. When the floor height is not very high, and it is difficult to set an air return outlet at the lower part, it may be considered to adopt the feeding and feeding method. The air supply outlet can adopt diffuser, double louver tuyere or slit tuyere. For some banquet halls or international conference halls, nozzle air supply can also be adopted, and the design should consider that the form of return air outlet should be compatible with building decoration.

    ②Economic wind speed

    The airflow speed in the air-conditioned areas of restaurants and banquet halls is generally not more than 0.25m/s (candle fire during banquet is not blown.)

    Fan coil unit plus fresh air system

    ①Fan coil air conditioning system

    The fan coil plus fresh air system in restaurants, banquet halls and multi-function halls is similar to that in guest rooms, except that the coils used are different and the air supply modes are different. The fan coil units in guest rooms generally adopt ordinary coil units, and the air supply mode is mostly side-feeding, while the fan coil units in restaurants, banquet halls and multi-function halls mostly adopt large plates with high static pressure, and the air supply mode is mostly upward.

    ②Fresh air system

    Restaurants, banquet halls, multi-function halls and other public places are crowded and allow smoking, but they are places where people stay for a short time, so the fresh air volume index of each person is smaller than that of guest rooms. According to regulations, the fresh air volume of restaurants, banquet halls and multi-function halls in Grade I, Grade II, Grade III and Grade IV hotels is 30, 25, 20 and 15 respectively. Because large banquet halls are often required to be multifunctional, the number of people is not fixed (the density of people varies from 0.3 to 1.0 people /m), so safety margin should be considered in design, and the possibility of adjusting fresh air and cooling capacity should be considered in system design.

    Exhaust system

    Exhaust and smoke extraction systems can be set up separately, or two-speed fans can be used to combine exhaust and smoke extraction systems.


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