Dongying&Qingzhou Flower Greenhouse Air Source Heat Pump Project

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Shawn Lee

Dongying Phalaenopsis Greenhouse Air Source Heat Pump Project

This project is located in Dongying City, Shandong Province. The flowers planted are Phalaenopsis, which are cultivated from seedlings to semi-finished products for sale, mainly for municipal procurement, and some are sold to flower wholesale markets.

The project is divided into No.1 and No.2 greenhouses. The planting area of each greenhouse is 10,000 ㎡, and the highest height is 7 meters. It is a national standard intelligent greenhouse. The standard plastic film is used in the greenhouse, with double insulation. The top is different from the conventional film+quilt structure, and it is a double inflatable structure to ensure the insulation effect in winter. The annual average temperature in Dongying City is 12.8℃, the coldest in January, and the monthly average temperature is -3.0℃. The extreme minimum temperature usually occurs from January to February, and the extreme low temperature is -23℃.

Phalaenopsis varieties planted in this greenhouse require heating temperature between 18~22℃ in winter, and the heating time lasts from October of the current year to April of the following year, which is divided into two stages, and the heating season lasts about 5 months, which is full load operation; About two months before and after the heating season, the heating needs are adjusted according to the climate change. Each greenhouse is equipped with 12 sets of 30P air source heat pumps, with horizontal concealed fan coils at the end, and a circulating fan is installed inside the greenhouse to adjust the humidity and carbon dioxide content inside.

The project was installed in 2017. After two heating seasons, the heating temperature in the shed was about 20℃, which well met the heating demand of Phalaenopsis. The operating cost of heating in winter was between 27~28 yuan/㎡. The basic electricity price is the agricultural electricity price in Shandong Province, which is 0.54 yuan/kWh, and the total price is about 0.6 yuan/kWh, plus the additional electricity cost. Because the air source heat pump heating realizes accurate temperature control and does not need manual guarding, the total cost of burning coal is reduced by more than half compared with the original one.

Air source heat pump project of Qingzhou pineapple greenhouse

The project is located in Qingzhou City, which is a multi-span greenhouse with a shed-in-shed structure. The greenhouse covers an area of 4800㎡, and the flowers planted are pineapple flowers. The heating temperature in winter should be above 18℃ and not lower than 15℃, otherwise the growth of pineapple flowers will be affected for about 150 days. The greenhouse was originally heated by coal boilers, and the heating season cost was about 20 yuan/㎡. In 2017, it was changed to gas-fired boilers for heating, and the effect was very good, but the cost was very high, which was much higher than the original coal-fired heating, reaching 35~40 yuan/㎡.

In 2018, the user found an air source heat pump manufacturer. After on-site inspection, the customer purchased two 20P air source heat pumps with horizontal concealed fan coils at the end. In the heating season of 2018, the temperature in the greenhouse was basically kept above 18℃, reaching a maximum of 22℃, which could meet the growth needs of pineapple and pear flowers. In extremely low temperature, it was still necessary to use a gas boiler as a supplement, but it only took five or six days. In terms of operating cost, it is about 25 yuan/㎡ in a heating season (excluding gas-fired boilers), which can save nearly 50,000 yuan a year compared with the original use of gas-fired boilers.


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